7 Inspirational LinkedIn Marketing Campaigns for Businesses

LinkedIn has been in existence since 2003. Despite boasting over 250 million active users, this social media network wasn’t preferred for marketing campaigns. A few years ago, sponsored updates motivated top brands to tap non-traditional marketing techniques. They joined this website for native ads.

Here are some of the most inspirational marketing campaigns of LinkedIn:

1. CNN Money

CNN Money used LinkedIn’s new functionality, and inaugurated API for Company Insider. The company decided to use this network to increase the number of its global clients. It added descriptions about clients, and was the first multinational brand to use LinkedIn’s company Insider feature. CNN extensively increased its prominence with this campaign.

2. Amex Marketing Campaign

If you are unable to get your products in front of people, you won’t have the sales you need. Amex decided to turn to LinkedIn for targeting new consumers. It created an app “Everything You Do” that allows the users nominate best companies. The participants had a chance to win gift card courtesy. The winner was awarded $2,500. Advertisement was done through banner ads. Amex’ campaign paved the ways for other businessmen to enjoy the marketing power of LinkedIn effectively.

3. Volkswagen LinkedIn Campaign

The Volkswagen campaign used LinkedIn API for creating personalized experience for its consumers. Volkswagen app compared LinkedIn profiles of active consumers. The most active consumer was awarded a big amount. The beauty of this campaign is that it didn’t distract away from the company’s aim, but actually captivated the attention of new users.

4. Raising Investment Campaign of Goshido

Raising Investment contributes towards a successful business. Frank Hannigan, an Irish businessman, succeeded to raise €162,500 for his company Goshido in a week. LinkedIn is the platform where Frank was contacted by over 600 potential investors. He spread the word of powerful Raising Investment LinkedIn Campaign. Today Raising Investment Campaign is being chosen by millions of brands around the globe.

5. Dell’s Focused LinkedIn Campaign

Dell is appreciated for its focused campaign on LinkedIn. The company has created a network of IT experts that it had to target for its core products. Dell uses native functionalities of LinkedIn via custom groups. This campaign was also inaugurated on Twitter for promoting Dell Vostro. The global consumers share trading secrets using a hashtag.

6. Weinstein Co.’s Lee Daniels’ The Butler

The Butler was promoted with sponsored updates by one of the most amazing custom API solutions of LinkedIn. The contest was named Path to Success. Consumers were welcomed to enter the contest to win "Lifetime Career Experiences" in New York. The campaign ended up with the announcement of three winners. They were awarded over $1 million and lifetime jobs.

7. Bonus LinkedIn Business Campaign

job search
job search

A bonus campaign is what LinkedIn had done to celebrate the end of 2010. It sent messages to the users in innovative styles. Instead of receiving standard emails, users received personalized messages with interesting information about their connections. This business campaign gives a little extra to companies. is available in more than 15 languages, which means the e-marketers can target their unique consumers. Nowadays, thousands of brands emphasize that LinkedIn is a strong platform for job hunters and professionals.




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