7 Jobs for Those Who Are Not Creative People

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Creativity is the ability to generate fresh ideas for any situation. It is a skill that no doubt makes you attractive to most employers in the arts and beyond. Today, if your resume oozes creativity, you stand a higher chance of getting the job you applied for. It is little wonder that UK-based Gnomon Workshop notes that 78 percent of people believe creativity can make a significant difference in their lives.

It would seem that creativity is fast becoming the ultimate skill for professionals entering the job market. But, hold on! There are some jobs that don’t require even an inch of creativity. So if you are not creative and you were starting to lose hope, here’s the better news… The following jobs don’t give a hoot about creativity.

1. Math Teacher

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Back in my high school days (and that was ages ago), math lessons were the most boring. Apart from a few math teachers who could manage to attempt cracking a joke here and there and make the subject a bit interesting for everyone, a whole lesson could pass without feeling a sense of imagination or intuition.

Although some would argue that mathematics is a science of ideas, many agree that math teachers rarely make an effort to develop their own mathematical models. They too often use formulae that were developed by mathematicians thousands of years ago to exercise calculations in class. Teaching the same concepts year in, year out certainly leaves them no room to ever get creative. Feel this job is right for you? Then you will need to earn at least a bachelor’s degree in math and secure a teaching certificate to work in public primary and secondary schools.

Salary: $55,000

2. Prison Warden

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Of all the places you would expect to find creativity, prison will rank among the lowest. I mean, what is creative about a facility that is designed to keep convicts as far away from the community as possible? It is, therefore, not surprising that prison wardens have uncreative jobs. Just look at their job description: controlling the movement of prisoners, maintaining records of inmates and responding to security emergencies. These are duties anyone with relevant training can execute without having to look elsewhere for ideas. Or, let’s try and find some creativity in this job. Say prisoners are getting unruly and violent… Do you need to devise any special strategy to calm them down? Definitely not. All you need is to assemble a team of other prison officers and descend on the inmates with blunt force! Or at least this is what happens most times. A high school diploma is sufficient to land you this job.

Salary: $63,000

3. Drone Pilot (Combat)

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For fighter jet pilots, some creativity can help them to win air-to-air combat battles. For example, they will need to get creative with cockpit controls and outmaneuver their opponents. But the same cannot not be said for drone pilots. These are the armchair combatants who fly drones thousands of feet above the ground, locate enemy territory, lock in the target, and execute a deadly strike catching the enemy unawares!

I’m trying to figure out where a drone pilot may need some creative but can’t find a thing! Surely, when you have the luxury of destroying an enemy from the comfort of a control room, the need to engage your imagination department doesn’t arise. To become a drone pilot, go get a degree in unmanned aerial systems and you just might be the Air Force’s next remote combatant.

Salary: $141,000

4. Professional Pallbearer

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Professional pallbearers: the mean-faced people who always seem to hurry the dead to their final resting places. If you are deficient of creativity, and you are not interested in acquiring some, then this is one job you could enjoy. You will spend much of your time in funerals, and your job will be to carry the casket of the deceased, issue and store funeral equipment, give directions to mourners, and drive funeral home vehicles. Though, what you luck in creativity must be replaced with emotional resilience. It takes some doing to stay focused when doing your job around people mourning the deceased. Aspiring professional pallbearers should have a high school diploma...and a well built body.

Salary: $41,000

5. Bank Teller

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Every time I perform an over the counter transaction in a bank, I can’t help but wonder how tellers manage to sit or stand all day doing the same thing over and over again. As such, the job is perfect for people who are not creative.

With banks rapidly adopting various pieces of financial technologies, bank tellers are left with no option but to rely on computers and other machines for almost every task. Whether they are counting money, checking a customer’s account balance, verifying a check or issuing cash, little of their imagination is required. What’s more, some banks are resorting to opening their branches on Saturdays and Sundays, effectively ensuring the tellers have a weekful’ of uncreativity! To get hired as a bank teller, you must go to college and earn a bachelor’s degree in business, banking, accounting or finance.

Salary: $17,888 - $29,631

6. Stockbroker

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If none of the jobs described above excite you, how about spending your day on the phone doing nothing but buying and selling stocks on behalf of clients? Sure, Jordan Belfort of the Wolf of Wall Street may have showed us that cunning brokers can get creative when pushed to the limit, but hey! What happens in the movies stays in the movies. In the real world, stockbrokers are one uncreative lot! There is nothing intuitive about analyzing forecasts, studying graphs, reviewing investment portfolios, keeping tabs on financial markets and informing clients about their investments. If you try getting creative with stock manipulation techniques, it won’t be long before Security Exchange Commission officials raise an eyebrow.

Interested in becoming a stockbroker? You will need to earn a degree in finance or business, as well as secure registration with the Financial Industry Regulation Authority.

Salary: $48,843

7. Post Office Clerk

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Finally, we have post office clerks. Another job with a routine schedule that doesn’t give you any chance to tap into your creative juices. Certainly not when the job involves tasks such as affixing stamps to packages, sorting outgoing mail, selling stamps to customers, filling out money orders, opening and closing postal office boxes and informing customers about postage rates. So if you dread the task of thinking out of the box to create new ideas, this could be the ideal job for you.

When hiring for this position, the U.S. Postal Service generally considers individuals who have completed formal office clerk training programs.

Salary: $31,000

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Although creativity is an asset in most occupations, you don’t have to lose sleep if you are not creative. As you have seen, there are jobs that could suit your personality. If you are an uncreative person and you happen to be in a creative job, don’t feel overwhelmed. You could start engaging in some activities that could enable you to access the creative part of your brain. For example, you could start by appreciating works of art by attending music concerts and art exhibitions. If you find it an uphill task, then you can consider jumping ship and securing any of the positions described above.

What are your thoughts or views about these jobs? Do you agree that they truly are a good fit for people who are not creative? Comments below please.