7 Most Annoying Things in Your Office


When a person is asked what is the most annoying thing at the office, the common response would be the cubicle valley girl, the office gossip aficionado or the angry boss. However, many will say it’s the stuff inside the cubicle or office itself that is causing headaches, frustrations and annoyance.

From terrible lighting to an uncomfortable chair, the things we have in our workplace can be cringing and bothersome, even more so than the gentleman who brings curried fish to work for lunch. Each morning, we dread going to the office because of the non-working Internet connection or the air conditioner that is either too high or not on at all.

This is the life of the average grinder of the asphalt jungle. Offices may not remedy these problems because of tight budgets, bureaucratic red tape and maybe even laziness of upper management. Unfortunately, due to these factors, some workers will just have to endure.

Here are seven of the most annoying things in your cubicle, office and workplace:

1. Uncomfortable Chair 

You arrive to work, and you feel fantastic. However, once 5 p.m. rolls around, you begin to look like Quasimodo, and you think that you have to see a chiropractor to completely realign your spine. This is the result of a very basic office chair that does not offer any support for your back or legs.

2. Terrible Lighting 

The light in your immediate vicinity is either too bright or too dim, which is causing significant eye strain or headaches if the light is right above you. The management team won’t fix this problem because it’s not in the company’s operating budget for the next two quarters. Until then, you may have to wear a hat or bring a flashlight.

3. Air Conditioning & Heating 

In the summer, the office suddenly transforms into the Arctic. In the winter, the office becomes the Amazon jungle. Offices are infamous for applying both extremes: either the air conditioner is cold in the summer, or the heat is too high in the winter (or vice versa). Indeed, it is rather difficult to dress because you always have to go through the outside environment.

4. A Faulty Phone 

"Huh?" "Can you repeat that?" "What? I can’t hear you!" These are just some of the common phrases you say throughout your day when you’re on the phone. Why? Because the company phone is faulty and hasn’t been repaired in months. This can cause a substantial delay in your assignments and diminish your productivity, not to mention how annoyed the person on the other line is.

5. A Dilapidated Desk 

The desk you’re sitting at has been used by a dozen other people since the 1990s, many of them dead, and if you place an elbow on it it’ll likely collapse. Oh, and the leg is on the brink of falling off. A dilapidated desk is common in the workplace today because this is an expensive component of the décor of the office.

6. Printer & Photocopier Not Working 

For some reason or another, it’s the printer and the photocopier that always seem to be breaking down, and at the same time. You have to print out 50 pages while also copying 25 extra pages, but it could be impossible considering that they likely won’t be fixed in time. The only solution, which your colleague will come up with, is to hit it with your fist. That works!

7. Dirty Toilets 

Finally, the office washroom. A dirty, smelly and unhygienic hellhole that you euphemistically refer to as a bathroom. This is a replica of a Taco Bell restroom. Unfortunately, you have to perform your business inside, but you must do so holding your breath. Next time you go in bring a pair of gloves, Lysol wipes and an air freshener. Good luck.

Although these are things we have to chuckle at, it’s important to remember that we spend around eight hours each day at work, which means that our surroundings should be comfortable, clean and efficient. A happy worker is a good worker who will help boost the company’s bottom line. These annoying things aren’t aspects that workers should have to deal with on a daily basis.

Until these matters are rectified, you will just have to endure.