7 Reasons Why Your Colleagues Secretly Detest You at The Office

Dumbledore and Voldemort

Although we genuinely like a lot of our colleagues, there are some at the office who are just plain jerks, even if they don’t mean to be. An array of negative personality traits coupled with a terrible work ethic are ingredients for a loathsome recipe from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday. 

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You’re not the only person to hate your co-worker, or even be hated by others. According to a 2010 UK survey, one-in-five study participants conceded to hating their colleagues. In the United States, that number soars to 50 percent. Who knew we really despised those we work with?! 

Do you think you are secretly detested by your colleagues? Do you feel shunned by both your superiors and co-workers? Are you often sitting alone at lunchtime? Here are seven reasons why your colleagues may secretly despite you at the office.

1. You Act as if Your Job is Beneath You (Arrogance)

Are you coming to work sighing, rolling your eyes and acting despondent? If you are, then it’s quite possible your colleagues are frustrated by you. Thinking your job is beneath you is actually rather insulting to all of your co-workers because they’re essentially performing the same tasks. Being active, positive and encouraging can turn these opinions of you around immediately. 

2. Your Think Your Colleagues Have Zero Value (Rude)

We all have bad days. The last thing you want to do is to chat up a storm at 8:30 a.m. on a Monday after a beautiful weekend. However, it’s one thing wanting to be alone, but being rude is an entirely different story. By dismissing your co-workers and being out of touch with everyone around you, you give the impression that they have zero value. 

3. You Never Do Your Job (Work Ethic)

Is it rare to find you at your desk? Because you’re constantly in the washroom fiddling with your smartphone and playing around on social media, your fellow employees essentially believe you have a deplorable work ethic. Simply put: you can’t perform the simplest of tasks and others can’t collaborate with you because you don’t do your work.

4. You Don't Tell the Truth at Times (Dishonesty)

A part of a person’s constitution is determined by how they react to their mistakes. Will they own up to their errors or will they tell a fib? We should always be honest, even if our mistakes may draw the ire of our superiors. Being dishonest will hurt your job performance review, while also generating the hatred among your co-workers. 

5. You Constantly Disparage the Company (Complainer)

As soon as you arrive to work, you act as if you’re a prisoner, someone who is shackled to their desk and can’t voluntarily exit the premises. Or, in elementary terms, you’re a chronic complainer. All you do is complain, whether it’s the job, the project or the company itself. People don’t like complainers because it’s draining and fatiguing. Also, it begs the question: why are you even here? 

6. You Feel Like You Don't Have to Help Others (Unreliable)

A business succeeds through collaboration. This means the staff is working together to reach the same objectives. However, you’re the lone wolf who thinks he doesn’t have to help anyone. This is just plain rude, obnoxious and sloth-like behavior. You can be selfish outside office hours, but you should be someone who actively assists other employees.

7. Your Desired Job is to Create Drama (Gossip Queen)

Ah, the good old office drama queen. Most offices have those, and they’re both sad and entertaining. Who actually enjoys being in the company of a gossip queen or a drama queen? It’s rare to find someone who really does. Out of all the characteristics to have, this may be the one despised by most. 

The main goal for everyone should be to at least be cordial to those you don’t even like. It’s always important to practice this golden rule. This goes both ways: the one who detests and the one who is being loathed. Indeed, it’s hard working with someone who is temperamental, lazy and uncouth, but you have to. Until the boss believes that employee is making the workplace toxic, you’ll just have to deal with it

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