7 Secrets to Success That Are Hiding in Your Everyday Life

Successful people are many times successful because of the way they think, because of their work ethics, and because they throw themselves into things fully and see things through until they succeed. People who have never experienced success for themselves often imagine that success is a byproduct of luck, good circumstances, or being in the right place at the right time, and while sometimes these factors play a role in success, they aren’t the ultimate determiners of people’s fate.

Successful people don’t really keep secrets from the rest of us; you can take a look at their lifestyle and see that they live very differently from your average Joe, but the secrets to success are there hidden in their lives. Perhaps the most powerful thing of all is that successful people usually started just like you or me. Want to become like them? Want to achieve your own success and learn the secrets of getting what you want from life? Read the seven secrets of success hiding in everyday life.


1. Everything Is a Networking Opportunity

Networking is key if you want to make it in any business or endeavor. It is no coincidence that the people who surround themselves with a lot of other people who are successful in their endeavors end up being successful themselves. Networking can offer a ton of benefits, and connections mean a lot in the business and working world.

Having a great elevator pitch (a 30-second summary of what you do), and taking time out of your day to simply meet new people, tell them what you do, and ask them what they do, can go a long way towards creating major success. A ride on a crowded bus, a trip on the subway, or even lunch at a deli can all serve as valuable opportunities to make new connections that can bring you new opportunities or business.

2. Helping Others Doesn't Just Create Good Karma, It Can Actually Pay

Along with just getting to know people is the idea that helping others actually pays you back over the long term. Say you have a coworker that is having some sort of problem that you can help them out with, you take some time out of your schedule to offer them some advice or lend them a hand. Not only will you feel good about helping someone and create a deeper human connection with them, but who knows when that coworker might be able to help you out later on down the road?

Extending kindness to people, helping them when you can, and taking time to give back to others not only makes you better and more popular with people, but you might even find new business in the process, too.

3. Downtime Doesn't Have to Bring Your Success Down

We spend a lot of time each day waiting, you know, just waiting… waiting for the train, waiting at some random government office, waiting on hold to talk to customer support. All this time spent waiting is a hidden opportunity to get things done. It is a good idea to keep a list of some small five or 15-minute tasks that you can get done with minimal supplies or tools.

For example: waiting in line at the government office could be the perfect time to do some quick research and jot some notes down about a new project you are thinking about, being on hold could be the perfect time to look at your weekly schedule and make adjustments, and waiting for the train could be the perfect time to get in some extra reading or research.

4. Trusting Others Can Set You Free

A characteristic that many successful people share is the inability to delegate and give tasks or jobs to others. Successful people tend to be optimistic, they tend to overestimate their own abilities, and by doing so, they often assume that others are incapable of producing the same high quality results that they do. While taking time to make sure something gets done perfectly is a great quality, it can also be a double-edged sword.

When people spend too much time on small tasks, they take away their ability to perform well on larger and more complex tasks that they should be devoting their time and energy to. The super successful of the world have learned how to let things go, provide good instructions, and delegate tasks to over-capable people: this allows them to stay on top.

5. Work Time Is... Time to Work

Distraction is certainly not in short supply in today’s day and age. Everywhere we look, we are bombarded with advertisements, games, apps, new products, and new avenues for personal entertainment, but a secret of the successful among us is that work time is for working and playtime is something totally separate.

Your schedule, and the things that you know you need to get done each day, have to be treated like sacred ground: meaning that if you know something needs to get done, you set a time to do it, and then you only work on that until it is done. If you want to surf the web, go shopping, or watch TV, you can, but it always comes AFTER you finish what you are doing.

6. "Organized" Is Just Another Word for "Successful"

Being organized is a powerful trait of success. Most of us run around half conscious, mind-numbed by the huge amount of stimulation and chores that we acquire in our day-to-day lives, but success comes from getting things done, staying focused, and doing the right things. Organization and a great system of keeping things organized make us more effective, more efficient, and more successful.

Planners, calendars, folders, and just assigning things into a set place to keep them are all ways of becoming more organized. Remember that down time we talked about earlier? That can be the perfect time to get things in order so that you are ready to face the day.

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7. Hidden Gems Are All Around You If You Just Look a Little Deeper

Let’s say you are doing everything right, you are working hard, delegating, staying organized, and then tragedy strikes. Suddenly, your plans go out the window and everything you have been working toward comes to a halt in front of you with some new obstacle or setback. These moments are frustrating, challenging, and discouraging, but they are also hidden gems of opportunity scattered throughout our lives.

When things go wrong, rather than looking at the results, learn how to examine the problems and search for the opportunities hidden within them. Look for the hidden opportunity to improve somewhere within each setback and trial, and soon you will be stronger, better, faster!

Success can be almost anything in life. Many people’s ideas of what success involves are very different, but rest assured the steps to getting the success that you are after are almost always the same. You too can have success, and these seven secrets to success will definitely have you on your way towards getting what you want out of life. These “secrets” are hiding in plain sight, in the lives of the successful people around us, but these lessons are usually only learned through personal experience.

The same lessons that take many years to learn can be learned simply by keeping them in your mind, and by practicing making the secrets part of your knowledge and mindset. Implement these secrets into your own life and you will also be able to experience huge success in life. The secrets of success aren’t some hidden formula reserved for the wealthy and successful amongst us, they are hiding in plain view right beneath the surface; all you have to do is take a look and put them into work.

Do you want to achieve success, and what does success look like to you? Have you learned any other secrets of success in your own life? I want to hear from you! Leave a comment below and let me know what you think about success.