7 Signs that You Blatantly Love Your Job

While you can hardly include a picture of you and your job on a date, there are many signs to actually spot a person who loves their job. There is a rare breed of workers who enjoy their job, are passionate about making a difference and wake up every morning, itching to get to their desk to produce work. Yes - these people actually do exist, mostly recognized as the happiest and most enthusiastic employees in the firm, as well as the most successful!

Loving what you do for a living can be challenging, but it is something that everyone should try. This is because you spend hours at it, working towards a goal and it really is a shame if you can’t even emanate a bit of love for your job.

Here are 7 signs that you blatantly love your job without even knowing it:

1. You Get Bored on Weekends

While you are all set and ready to enjoy Friday, you are looking forward to routine and calm by the time Sunday rolls around. Like it or not, you enjoy your job without even realizing it!

2. Going to a Meeting gives you a Kick

Business meetings at work can go either of 2 ways: (i) everyone contributes and it’s productive or (ii) everyone talks over each other and there is no conclusion. Whatever the outcome of the meeting is, you are always rearing to get in on meetings!

3. Your Desk at Work is Personalized

Pictures of your children/spouse, along post cards and a personalized calendar on your desk? Yes - you are obviously making yourself at home in the workplace, a blatant sign that you are comfortable in the environment.

4. You don’t think of a job change, but of progression within the company

Instead of scouting job boards for better opportunities, you look for openings within the firm you work at. This means you can stay in the same company culture but experience career progression… why don’t you want to leave? The answer is: because you love your job!

5. You meet your coworkers out of work

We work together for 8-9 hours a day, and you still want to meet them afterwork - what exactly does that mean? Again, the answer is quite simple. You love working with these people, which essentially makes you love your job.

6. Overtime isn’t a big issue for you

While others huff and puff about staying 10 minutes past 5, you are still in working mode and loving it. Unpaid overtime is a huge turnoff for people who hate their job, which is why they always leave 5 on the dot - but not you!

7. You have Dreams about Work

Your job infiltrates your sub-consciousness and, more often than not, you have productive dreams about work. Many people have nightmares about the office, but then there are those who can’t even switch off their mind from the job they love.