7 Signs You Should Work in Computer Programming or Software Development

Do you dream in code? Employers of tech roles such as computer programming and software development are not looking purely at academic ability but also ‘soft skills’ such as creativity, a collaborative approach and an entrepreneurial mindset. Below are seven clear signs that a career in computer programming or software development may be right up your street.

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1. You love solving problems.

You consider different angles of attack in order to arrive at the best possible solution and you thrive on the challenges of making things that don’t work, work, in spite of any constraints. Finding a solution to a problem is both motivation and reward for you. Given that coding is akin to finding the solution to an extremely challenging mathematics conundrum, you’ll enjoy the challenges of coding.

2. You’re passionate about creating.

You are naturally curious and love experimenting. You like nothing better than taking things apart only to put them back together again as you cogitate on how you could make them better. In the digital world, you won’t be hemmed in by the inconvenient constraints of the natural world – for example, materials and space – so software development could provide you with even greater creative satisfaction.

3. You’re passionate about technology.

Yes, you dream in code. You could play video games 24/7. You build apps for friends. When you’re not building apps, you’re building servers. You subscribe to all the main tech blogs and drink the content as if it were a bottomless pit – you can’t get enough. You embrace the possibilities of tech and are desperate to be part of the revolution.

4. You have a strategic mind.

You love anything that challenges your ability to think and act strategically. You beguile your free time playing games of strategy on your computer or handheld device; you also enjoy traditional games such as chess. Being strategically-minded, you consider a range of different variables before arriving at a conclusion, an important attribute in the fast-moving world of information technology.

5. You’re a great team player.

It’s a myth that computer programmers/software developers are all nerdy geeks holed up in their broom cupboards all day at the back of the office. Computer professionals must work well as a team and have excellent interpersonal skills in order to communicate how a system works, for example. Coding is a collaborative affair and involves working with different stakeholders such as marketers and sales staff who will also have an interest in the final output.

6. You love learning.

Given the evolving nature of technology, coders have to keep their skills current. Developers are also often required to create programmes for different industries, so an interest in learning about other areas is also important.

7. You have a business mind.

You’re a computer geek, but you’re a computer geek with a head for business. Your entrepreneurial mind will enable you to consider not just current but also future profitable applications of a system that will make a positive contribution to the business.

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Hiring managers are not only looking for the best technical fit but also the best cultural fit. These seven attributes, which go beyond pure technical know-how, should help you to decide whether a career in computer programming or software development is worth considering.

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