7 Signs Your Company Doesn’t Care About You

Have you ever felt unappreciated and wanted to quit?This article talks about all the ways your company may hate you and help you find something better.

Did you know that one of the most important reasons people quit their jobs is because they feel unappreciated by their boss?? Usually, people come to work for more than just a paycheck; they want to feel that they are offering something to the company and that their contribution is making a difference to the organization. When an employer cares about your happiness and long-term growth, you will feel rewarded, like you have a sense of purpose.

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But, not many companies know that or care enough about this, and it is often hard to stay motivated in an environment where you never feel appreciated. Have a look below at the 7 signs your company doesn’t care about you, so you can find an employer who does.

1. Your Manager Doesn't Offer Any Support

bullying boss

If your boss has no time to offer you any support, guidance or feedback and only cares about the tactical aspects of your job or only looks at project completion, then I am afraid this is a sign your boss doesn’t care about your success. This can also harm your career if you see them do positive things with other coworkers but not with you.

2. You're Passed Over for a Promotion

This is one of the most obvious signs. When you are doing excellent work - something other coworkers never do - but still someone else gets the promotion you deserved and were in line for.

3. Your Boss is a Bully

bully boss

When a boss is bullying you or even gives you ultimatums, then this is a big problem. Not only does your boss not care about your work, they simply don’t care about you as a human being.

4. They Never Inform You About Changes

If you feel like you are one of the last ones to find out about major company changes, then you can easily tell your presence doesn’t really count.

5. Your Boss Isn't Interested in Your Personal Life


Okay, this may be a professional environment, and many people try to keep it as professional as possible by avoiding talking or asking about your personal life, however, when your boss asks your coworkers about their families or how they spend their weekend but never asks you then this is a bad sign.

6. They Don't Respect Your Time Off

Does your manager not respect your holidays, days off, or weekends? When a boss requests that you stay in touch during time off, or asks you to finish a project then it means that they don’t care at all about your well-being, your personal or professional life.

7. They Insult You in Public

dismissed female worker

Sometimes, they don’t care about being discreet or subtle about their feelings towards you and just blatantly tell you they don’t care about you. They could say something like you could easily be replaced by someone else, or that there are so many people available to do your job. If you notice this, you should immediately do something about your career.

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Do any of the above signs ring a bell? Then this is the time to do something about it and work towards growing your career.

Are there any signs we missed out? Let us know in the comments below...