7 Signs Your Job Interview Was Successful

If you have a scheduled job interview, it’ll be nice to know if you’re a top candidate before leaving the meeting. Interviewers typically keep their lips sealed on the subject, but there are signs that indicate the interview was successful.

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1. You're Asked to Come Back For a Second Interview

Some companies have two or three rounds of interviews before hiring someone. If you’re asked to come back for a second interview -perhaps to meet with a department supervisor- this is a sign of a successful interview. The company isn’t going to waste time scheduling a second interview with someone who doesn’t stand a chance of getting the job.

2. You're Asked to Provide References

If the interview is about to conclude, and the interviewer asks for references or confirms the references listed on your application or resume, there’s a good chance you’ll be offered the position. Most employers check references after meeting with job applicants, and only if they feel an applicant is a good match. This way, they don’t waste time contacting references for people who aren’t qualified for the company.

3. You're Given a Tour of The Company

Interviewers have a lot on their plates, especially during a hiring phase. They have to conduct interviews, plus keep up with their workloads. So if the interviewer takes you on a tour of the office, or introduces you to the team, there’s a pretty good chance that you’re going to get a job offer. He could have easily ended the interview early and continued with his day-to-day responsibilities. Instead, he’s taking additional time out of his day to show you around.

4. Your Interviewer Asks Transitioning Questions

If the interviewer doesn’t think you’re a right fit for the position, he’ll end the meeting with, “Thank you for coming in.” But if you’re a top applicant for the job, the interviewer might ask transitioning questions. He might inquire about the type of notice you have to give your current employer, or how soon you’re able to start if offered the position. This doesn’t guarantee a job offer, but at least you know you’re in the running.

5. Your Interviewer Drags Out the Interview

If an interview isn’t going well, your interviewer will wrap up as soon as possible so he can get back to work. But if he starts probing and asking more questions, this is a sign it’s going well. Take advantage of this in-depth interview and ask a few of your own questions. The longer you’re able to sell your skills and experience, and show that you have an interest in the company, the better your odds of getting a job offer.

6. Your Interviewer Asks About Other Job Prospects

The interviewer knows you’ve probably applied elsewhere. So if he inquires about your other job prospects, there’s a good chance he’s considering you for the position and wants to assess the competition.

7. You're Invited to Follow Up

If your interview didn’t go well, don’t expect the interviewer to offer his contact information, or tell you to call if you have additional questions. But if you are given contact information and invited to follow up, the interview was a success and you’re being moved to the top of the list.

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A successful interview doesn’t guarantee a job. Other applicants were probably equally impressive. However, your chances of moving forward with a company are much higher when you’re able to “wow” a prospective employer.