7 Simple Things People Who Love Themselves Do Every Day

“Love yourself first and the world will follow.” This phrase and other more cliché pieces of advice such as ‘You need to love yourself more in order to do things in life’ or ‘You can’t love another person until you love yourself first’ have become over-used in our daily repertoire. But how keen are we to follow this advice despite having heard them more than a thousand times?

Each phrase suggests that self-love is essential to living a fulfilling life and conquering success. And it’s true! The way you see yourself and feel about yourself can have a major impact on many aspects of your life including how you deal with problems in your life, your performance at work as well as your interactions with other people.

But what is self-love really and how can you practice it to the point you feel happy with yourself and the life you are living? Self-love simply refers to appreciating and respecting yourself. It means that you’ve come to terms with your own weaknesses and strengths and that you’ve identified your true life purpose and values.

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Take a look at the 7 simple things people who love themselves do every day and get some inspiration to start living the life you want:

1. They never stop learning

For those who love themselves life is a learning journey. They find joy in the small things and become fascinated by anything new they come across. They’re never bored but always interested in learning new skills and new information that they can apply to their lives. They regard education as a means of developing themselves and leading a fulfilling and successful life.

2. They take care of themselves

Self-loving people regard their health as their top priority. They know how to take care of their needs and make sure they spend a considerable amount of time just on themselves every day. This is the reason why they always make time for exercise, getting enough sleep, eating well and engaging in healthy social interactions. They’ve learnt to listen to their needs and put their oxygen masks on first before they are try to help others.

3. They take ownership of their lives

People who love themselves have learned how to make the most of every day by taking responsibility for their actions and the decisions they make over the course of their lives. They realise that none else is accountable for making their dreams come true, except for themselves. Because of that, they choose to enjoy the present and take full ownership of their lives.

4. They forgive themselves

Self-loathing is unacceptable for self-loving people. That’s because they know that doubting their worth and abilities can be self-limiting and destructive. As such, they are aware of the fact that they can’t control everything and have practiced being less hard on themselves for past mistakes and failures. Instead, they choose to believe in themselves and be happy.

5. They make no comparisons

The difference between people who love themselves and those who don’t is that the latter want to become somebody else. They always say ‘I wish I was prettier, skinnier or stronger than this girl or this boy’, but they don’t realise they can be all these things if they just embrace who they really are.

On the contrary, self-loving people are well aware of the fact that that there’s no use in comparing themselves with others and that the most effective strategy for achieving success is competing with themselves. They know that the only person they need to be better than is the person they were yesterday; not somebody else.

6. They tell themselves they’re good enough

Learning how to love themselves and work with what they’ve got is all that matters for self-loving people. This is the reason these individuals are usually the most successful in life. They believe in their own abilities, but they are also aware of their limitations.

When things don’t go their way, they give credit to themselves and convince themselves to try harder the next time. These people are awesome, and they feel awesome; they show they have chosen to love themselves, and others admire them for that

7. They teach people how to treat them right

People who love and respect themselves are asking for the same things to be given from others. They demand respect and appreciation from those around them and to be valued not only for who they are, but also what they do in life. This is why they carefully choose those people they surround themselves and are quite picky in terms of who they call friends.

Loving yourself doesn’t mean that you are only going to care about yourself. But if you don’t do that, who else will? Learn how to be satisfied and comfortable with yourself and you will notice significant changes in your lifestyle that will improve the quality of your life.

It’s not enough to say that you love yourself; you need to show it. What better way to do that than today? Just as Steve Maraboli once said “Let today be the day you love yourself enough to no longer dream of a better life; let it be the day you act upon it”.

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So, how about you? Are you amongst those people who love themselves and follow this simple 7-step self-love ritual every day? Let us know in the comments section below…