7 Successful Ways To Be More Creative In Your Business

Are you struggling to come up with new, creative ideas for your business?

Finding something you want to fix can be a source of motivation when it comes to honing the skill of creativity. Application developers do it all the time. Most productivity apps out in the market right now are just small variations of each other.

With that in mind, here are a handful of tips to get your creative juices flowing.

1. Don’t be Afraid of What People Think

Anytime I come up with something, I immediately start worrying about what other people think about it. It’s a natural reaction that is really tough to get rid of. Sadly, almost everyone I know is hindered by his or her own thoughts.

Yes, you will have a lot of ideas. But don’t be afraid to put them into action, or develop them more. With no one backing up your idea, how will you know if it’s worth developing? Just think that some of the technology we use today started as a “crazy idea” that many people back then passed off and laughed at.

2. Combine Unlikely Things

Funny things happen when two unlikely things are combined. Pancakes with a bacon center are nothing short of miraculous. A combination of a doughnut and a croissant (called a Cronut) became a recent overnight global sensation. Line is a fully loaded messaging app that lets people send text, pictures, video clips, make video calls, and has its own social newsfeed all built into one. I can list a hundred more examples, but to make things short, combining things works.

3. Make Time to Brainstorm with Others

Sit down and brainstorm with others around you. You need feedback, both positive and negative. Second opinions can help craft new ideas or make existing ones better. Don’t keep your creative idea to yourself. Brainstorming sessions do not have to be done in a coffee shop or over dinner. Not everyone has time for that in the middle of the week. A 15-minute session can be done in a conference call, on chat or even using group messaging apps.

4. Borrow Creative Ideas

Go out there and find content that you find creative and re-purpose it for your industry. You’re not stepping on anyone’s toes by doing so. You aren’t duplicating an idea or ripping someone off. Some great places to find creative ideas are Pinterest, Reddit and Digg. These websites run on creative content. In fact, you might notice that some of the content are refurbished or variations of other posts in the past.

5. Break Rules

What rules are out there that you can break? Successful ideas are just guidelines to follow for better ones. What worked for those people who created them may not entirely work for you. Think of breaking the rules as adding something new to an idea or concept that already works well.

A great example of this is a website called Kickstarter. The company takes the concept of crowdfunding to a whole new level. Their concept is providing a platform for people with creative ideas to pool in funds from other people who are fond of their idea. When it comes to fundraising, they completely shattered the rules and made it simple and highly suitable for today’s younger generation.

6. Put a Spin on Things

What’s out there that could be improved by adding a little spin on it? For example, I’ve started drinking more water ever since I started using a mini 5-gallon water jug. It serves as a constant reminder that I need to drink more water in order to stay healthy. A spin doesn’t have to be completely new. However, a successfully spun product requires a new perspective.

Another example is a foldable scooter. People who take their bikes or scooters to work don’t want to get it stolen by leaving it padlocked to a rack. Some areas don’t have racks or are always full, making it hard for individuals to find a safe place to keep their motor. The idea of the foldable bike is that you can bring it with you anywhere. It folds into the size of a large briefcase.

7. Put Something Out and Get Feedback

Are you waiting to launch a graphic? Just do it, and then get feedback. For example, I started taking pictures recently. Honestly, my first couple of pictures turned out really bad, but it allowed me to express some creativity. After getting some much-needed feedback and advice, I started to get better at it.

In conclusion, you should find something you are passionate about and try to solve that problem in a different way. It might take some time, but it’s worth it. Cut yourself some slack and get a new perspective. Finally, take note of some of the tips above and you’ll be headed in the right direction towards fresh and creative ideas.