7 Tech Products Used by Fortune 500 Companies You May Be Unaware Of

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From software development to accounting programs, Fortune 500 companies use a diverse range of technology resources to achieve success. Check out the valuable tech products some of the globe’s top industry names are using and consider how they might translate into better business for your company.

1. Xero


While Xero is intended for small businesses, this accounting software company was placed Number One on Forbes’ Most Innovative Growth Companies list. Xero software could make your operations run much smoother and more efficiently. It simplifies finances by allowing users to access bank information, view accounts, and provide accountants or bookkeepers the necessary avenues to provide real-time advice. Sometimes called the “Apple of Accounting,” this cloud-based system allows the necessary individuals to access the financial information they need from any device at any time.


2. Stripe


Have you ever hitched a ride using Lyft, or purchased something through Shopify? If so, you’ve used Stripe. Some of the biggest sharing apps in the world utilize the payment processing infrastructure provided by this young Irish company. With a simple setup, this single API system makes processing multiple payments easier than ever. Stripe can store card information for later use, process subscriptions, and transmit detailed card information into an easy to read code. Stripe allows companies to skip the processes of registering and maintaining a merchant account and offers a variety of tools for fraud prevention.

3. WordPress CMS


You may balk at this suggestion, but WordPress is not just a blogging platform. That may be where it has its roots, but in today’s world, the WordPress CMS (Content Management System) is employed by top companies around the globe, and the proof is in the pudding. Companies like Coca-Cola, General Motors, and even the NFL use WordPress CMS to power their sites. By giving companies the ability to quickly upload valuable content, this platform allows businesses to compete in a content-driven Internet space, producing sleek websites that peddle some of the world’s top wares.

Many companies gravitate towards WordPress because of its numerous plug-in capabilities, with functionalities like social media shares, SEO improvements, website duplications, and more readily available. Moreover, companies need not spend valuable time and energy on coding for specific website functions; the setup is ready and raring to go, whether you want to utilize the CMS for one part of your online presence or in its entirety.

4. Inflectra


ALM software from Inflectra can make software development more efficient from start to finish. From project management and quality assurance, to collaboration control and reporting, this application lifecycle management system streamlines the entire development process. Top companies have found use for the multiple features provided by this software; executing test cases, managing offshore teams, locating bugs, and creating detailed task lists are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the capabilities offered.


5. Citrix XenApp


With large companies increasingly working towards a globally expanded workforce, virtual desktop abilities are a necessity in the modern world. XenApp allows users to manage their Operating System and Applications by deploying applications quickly to numerous clients without having to access each individual’s device. By using XenApp in conjunction with Citrix XenDesktop, company employees can work from anywhere at any time. Users can save on storage space and costs by allowing a “Bring Your Own” device setup. Through server-based computing, employees can access Windows apps they need at any given time, making this a valuable tech tool for companies of all types.

6. Coupa


Founded back in 2006, Coupa spend management software is an invaluable tool for companies of all sizes. This cloud-based system helps clients manage any invoices, indirect purchases and expenses. With various products available from the company, clients are able to gain insight into their finance and procurement sectors for a more comprehensive understanding of spending throughout their company.


7. SharePoint

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Microsoft’s SharePoint continues to experience widespread popularity. The majority of Fortune 500 companies use this sharing system, but for a variety of different reasons. SharePoint is a platform for multiple systems and serves as a backend system that can be hooked up to all PCs and mobile devices to synchronise a company’s efforts. Users can access all documents shared on the system, utilize customized dashboards, view the status of ongoing projects, and collaborate with other employees. SharePoint may also be used to create or manage a website and track patterns within your company’s varied projects.

Does your company use any of these products? Do you find them useful? Let us know below.