7 Things Successful People Do at Weekends


People who are successful in their careers don’t spend every weekend just lazing around enjoying their wealth. They fill their leisure time with activities that help them maintain their success and achieve even more.

Here are the ‘magnificent seven’ things that successful people do on their weekends that you can do, too.

1. Spend time with those they love

Success at work is only truly fulfilling if your personal life is successful, too. Perhaps the most important thing successful people do at weekends is to spend time with their family and friends. It’s important to put work aside for a few hours so that you can enjoy the rewards of your hard work with those you love the most.

This downtime will send you back to work on Monday morning feeling energised, focused and ready to start again.

2. Exercise and sport

Exercise and playing sports are great stress-relievers. Successful business people often work long hours during the week under stressful conditions, so it’s extremely important that they have an outlet for this negative energy and tension. Sport is something that can be enjoyed as a family too; a great way to spend quality time with the kids whilst keeping both mind and body in good shape.

3. Volunteering

Many highly successful people become involved in some kind of voluntary activity during their weekends. This could entail helping out on a local project, contributing to a community event or spending a few hours working at a homeless shelter. Helping others is a great way to get that ‘feel-good factor’ and it’s incredibly rewarding. It’s also another ideal opportunity to get family and friends involved, too, and it will put you in a really positive frame of mind to chase away the stress and hassles of work.

4. Planning ahead

Planning sounds like something you only need to do at work, so why bring it home? Successful people are extremely good at time management and organisation, and they aren’t about to waste a minute of their precious weekends. Spending a short time with family or friends deciding what everyone would like to do during the weekend is a great way of making the best of your free time, without wasting hours on indecision.

5. Socialising

Successful people spend a lot of time at weekends socialising. What better way to indulge in some useful networking or in building solid business relationships? Socialising should also involve having fun and good times with close friends, too. There’s nothing quite like a few beers and a good laugh to help you forget about any problems you might have at work and to get a different perspective on things from someone else’s viewpoint.

6. Pursuing passions

Successful people have hobbies and interests to help them disconnect from work. Whether it’s reading, gardening, horse-riding, walking in the countryside or building matchstick models, your passions will help you relax and allow your mind to concentrate on something other than work.

7. Reflection and recovery

No matter how successful they are, even the most prosperous and driven entrepreneur needs a little R&R time to keep burnout at bay. The weekend is perfect for taking time out to recharge your mental and physical batteries, ready for the week ahead. The more relaxed you are, the more energy you’ll have and the more able you will be to cope with the demands of a successful career.

One of the keys to success in your career is being able to switch off for a few hours each week. At weekends, spend time with family and friends, enjoy sports and hobbies, and reflect on what you’ve achieved to date and what you need to do now to take the next step up.