7 Top Local Internet Marketing Tips

Last week, we focused on how to make a success out of internet marketing consultancy locally. As previously mentioned, taking advantage of your local area can be very convenient, lucrative, and serve as a great building block to national success (if you’re that way inclined).

With this in mind, whether you’re looking to be a consultant or have a local business you want to get noticed, here are seven top local marketing techniques which are sure to help...

Tap into the Digital Community

These days, social networks are very powerful marketing beasts when used properly. As humans, we love to share things, and if you give someone something interesting to show to others, they will spread the word for you.

To drum up some local attention, utilise hashtags trending in your local region or community, that way the right people will pick you up on their radar and hopefully end up checking your website out - that’s when you convert them into loyal customers.

Also, local community forums are a great way to show that you care about the area. So engage with potential fans or customers by chatting to them or giving the solutions to their questions. You might even be able to give them a cheeky little sales pitch while you’re at it - but don’t overdo it!

Use Foursquare for Business and Encourage Local Reviews

As previously mentioned, social media is an essential part of any online marketing effort, and if focused on your local community, it can prove extremely effective -  and one of the best platforms for businesses is Foursquare.

Not only does Foursquare boast an attractive and easy to use interface, it provides a great interactive resource for those looking for services in their local area. Foursquare gives you visitor insights so you can get to know your local customers, allows you to muscle in on trends (much like with Twitter), and gives you the chance to attract and reward potential customers while giving a real insight into you and your business. It’s slick and it’s powerful, so get yourself signed up and improve your local internet marketing efforts now.

In addition to this, sites like Beer in the Evening, Yahoo Local, and Tripadvisor (depending on what sector you’re in - I’m sure you get the picture) also offer a chance for people to find you based on your region. If you do get a few bites, give people an incentive (perhaps a ‘next time discount’) to place a positive review online - this will help boost your street cred locally and make for good solid business based content.

Take Advantage of Digital Banner Ads

Google’s ad banner targeting technology is now so advanced, you can use it to target web visitors in a certain radius and region. This means that if you pay for an advertising banner to be set-up within a 10 mile radius from your HQ, anyone surfing the web outside this specified area will not see it.

By doing this, you are ensuring that the right target audience are being reached and know you or your business is just down the road - and in return you will get the steady flow of business you need.

Localise Your Website Content

Obviously, in order to be successful when it comes to online marketing, you need to have some level of knowledge about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) - and a big part of this is selecting the right keywords to go into your page titles and copy.

By adding your county and town or city’s name in the title tag of your web pages, weaving it into your copy (along with other notable landmarks in your area, and the other relevant keywords related to your business of course!) and placing your business address on your homepage, as well as your contact us page, you will help search engines like Google rank you for localised search terms. This again, will help you to thrive in your local area.

Blog about Local Things

These days, every business should have a blog, as this is a great way to engage with people online while adding regularly updated, rich content to your website.

So, if you’ve got your blog up and running, put a content plan together which focuses largely on local community events and issues. Not only will this also help you to boost web rankings for local search terms, but people in your area will also be more likely to share it via social media as it will be relatable. This will help to promote your business and as a result, gain those all-important likes, fans and followers.

Team Up with Other Local Businesses

Now, you might not want to team up with someone trying to do the same thing as you, but if there’s a local business that has some kind of relevance to yours, then go and see them - they’re only up the road after all!

For instance, if you brew craft beer and there is a fairly new trendy American influenced restaurant in your area, pitch to them. Persuade them to sell and stock your beer, then hold a special opening night based on your partnership, make it exclusive to people in the local area and plug and promote it together via every one of your online channels. This is a great way to double your online potency, double your exposure and double your content opportunities.

Do Your Research

Big or small, research is a key component to the success of any business.

In short, Google and social media sites to check out the local competition on your area - look at search terms they aren’t ranking for and muscle in on them; if they’re doing a good deal, do a better one; if their logo is poor, pay to make yours even more striking... the list goes on.

By checking these things out, being creative and picking holes in the enemy, you can really dazzle your local market and in the end, monopolise it - and that’s a local online tip always worth remembering!

To conclude, whenever you are undertaking any local internet marketing effort, always make sure you are thinking like a local consumer, this way you will always win, and if you think about it, it’s not that difficult as you will just have to ask yourself what you are looking for.

There you have it - seven top local internet marketing tips. So, get educated, play with these ideas, always keep up with the times, persevere and online success will be yours.

As always, good luck!


Image via Google Images Creative Commons