7 Unspoken Office Rules Which Can Land You Some Dirty Looks

This article attempts to identify the reactions we receive from our colleagues when breaking those office rules we never speak about!

Eating other peoples food from the fridge

Ever noticed your sandwich has disappeared from the kitchen? Maybe it’s the end of the month and your colleagues haven’t been paid yet, or someone forgot their bag/wallet? When disaster strikes as you notice your empty sandwich packet on someone’s desk, what do you do? Confront them? Tell a manager? Or resort to using your face to tell the story of your discomfort… this land’s in at the top of our dirty looks list.

Replying to every single email you receive, when completely unnecessary

Some excitable co-workers may feel the need to add a little sentence or paragraph to each and every email that comes through their inbox, even from totally irrelevant departments. You have 2 options in this case, remove them from your email contacts or let your face do the talking every time they reply. In some cases the email might specifically state “no need to reply to all” but you know who will… A prime opportunity to give them your best look.

Go to work sick and make everyone else sick

Spluttering all over keyboards, screens and desks as they venture into work full of mucus without a tissue. This lands in near the top as your colleagues cringe as snot starts dripping onto your work when they lean over to grab a pen; dirty looks are not sufficient in this case. For situations such as these use your utmost powers to remove yourself from the environment, dirty looks may not be as effective on this occasion, you might look a bit like they do, they might think you have a cold too.


Use the toilet cubicle next to the only locked door, when all others are empty

You work together, you speak all day together and you sometimes go for drinks together, that awkward moment when they decide to also go to the toilet just after you, and decide to use the cubicle next to yours when all other cubicles are empty. Experiences such as these (depending on events which occurs inside the bathroom) can break relationships - tailor your facial expression to something new for this incident; ensure you show a keen disliking to the invasion of privacy at your time of need.

Hover over two people’s desks while they are having a private conversation

This applies to those who feel the need to solidify a presence in the office as someone who feels the need to constantly listen in to other people’s conversations. This, for some reason, is normally done in a slightly creepy and lingering manner, and comes in as a guaranteed way to receive not only dirty looks but faces of sheer annoyance.


Use your work messenger to start an interesting conversation, and then don’t respond

Think of an entertaining and interesting work related topic or debate, start it off with a carefully selected colleague, and abandon ship. This solidifies a position in the list as a sure way to really establish a dirty look; lead them into a topic so tempting and alluring, then don’t reply again. When they answer the chat to question your lack of response, walk away from the messenger.

Type very loudly

Hitting every keystroke with fingertips full of pressure and determination gains a secure spot as the final on our list of office rules to break with a view to getting dirty looks. After a few years, this little trick can land people in the uncomfortable position of not being invited to the office Christmas party.

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Have you found yourself nodding to these rules in acknowledgement? Send us your thoughts in the comments below!