7 Ways to Make Your Hotel Room Feel More Like Home When Traveling for Business

When you’re traveling for business, it’s not uncommon to feel homesick as you jump from hotel to hotel every night. You’d rather stay in a room where you’re sure there aren’t monsters hiding in the closet (i.e. your own bedroom). The bed, the sheets, the hardness of the water--it’s all just so different, a constant reminder that you’re not home.

But you don’t have to feel like you’re in a totally foreign place. Use these tips to make each hotel room you stay in feel more like home.

1. Bring Your Favourite Fragrance

Smell is a strong tool in eliciting nostalgic memories, says BBC. Bringing along fragrances--like candles, air freshener, or laundry detergent--that smell like home can help bring back those memories, even if they’re hidden in your subconscious. Dian Griesel, author of TurboCharged, tells USA Today that "Having a room smell like home makes it feel freshe, homier and can help make sleep easier."

2. Frame a Picture

When the simple scent of home isn’t enough for you, bring a framed picture along that reminds you of home, such as a family photo. Set it on your nightstand to add a personal touch to your hotel room without upsetting the hotel staff.

3. Bring Your Favourite Snack

What types of food remind you of home? Things like banana bread, blueberry muffins, and other snacks are great options for carrying along with you on your trip. Make a batch before you leave so that you can get the recipe right, and then enjoy the taste of home in your hotel room. If you’re flying, make sure to check the requirements for what you can and can’t bring on the plane.

4. Maintain Your Rituals

Don’t let the idea of staying in a new place keep you from doing the same things you would do at home. Do you normally do a crossword or read a book before going to bed at night? Do you go on a run in the morning? Keep up the same routine at your hotel room as you would at home, even if the rest of your day is different.

5. Pack Your Own Products

You may expect your hotel to provide complimentary toiletries, but traveling is going to feel more like home if you use your own products. Not only will you find comfort when your body feels the same after you exit the shower, but the familiar scents will travel with you all day, even when you’re not in your room.

6. Bring Your Own Blanket

Make your hotel bed your own by sleeping with your own blanket that smells and feels like home. If you can’t fit it in your luggage, at least bring along your own pillowcase. Deborah Mayer of Shop Around Tours Inc. tells Women on Their Way, "As a sleeper, I’m a pillow-hugger and I always sleep better with the feeling and scent of my own linens against my face during the night."

7. Unpack

You hotel room can never really feel like home if you’re living out of your suitcase. If you’re staying for a couple of days, unpack your luggage. After all, most hotels offer closets for hanging your clothes and dressers to keep your personal items in. As Travel and Escape points out, it’s not just about reducing chaos in your room, but unpacking your belongings can help save you time and stress in deciding what to wear for the day.

While the firmness of your bed and the view may never reflect the comfort of your own home to a hotel room, these ideas can help comfort you when you travel for business. Need more ideas? Check out these extra tips.

Image via Flickr by William Warby




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