7 Ways You Can Make Sure Your Tweets Get Retweeted

Twitter is a social media platform any individual or business worth their salt has to operate on. Getting retweeted is important because it demonstrates your marketability. People are responding to what you’re saying and showing their friends. It gives you access to other audiences you wouldn’t have otherwise had access to, which subsequently increases your personal following.

There are a number of ways to increase your chances of getting retweets. Let’s take a look at some of the tricks you can use.

1. Report the News

The news is there to create shock and interest. If someone feels like their friends would be interested, they’re going to retweet your news. Link to reputable news sources, such as the BBC and CNN. Add in words like ‘breaking’ and ‘urgent’ to really ratchet up the tension.

2. Use Images

Dan Zarrella, social media guru, discovered messages with images are 94% more likely to be spread around Twitter. Try adding an image to your next status update. There’s a catch to this, though. Linking Instagram and Facebook images had the exact opposite effect on retweet rates.

3. Use Facts and Figures

Facts and figures will always entice certain segments of your audience to give you a retweet. These are concrete facts, so people know they aren’t sharing complete and utter rubbish. Furthermore, if you’re revealing kooky facts, there’s a good chance people will retweet based on this alone.

4. Hashtags

Tweets with two hashtags had 21% more engagement than Tweets with one hashtag or three hashtags. Hashtags on Twitter are designed to categorise Tweets, so the right audiences see them.

Understand that these statistics only measure engagement. Engagement counts as anything from a retweet to a reply.

5. Ask for It

It sounds like a page from marketing tactics from the madhouse, but countless studies have shown that asking for people to retweet your content will actually increase your chances of getting a retweet significantly.

Try not to overdo it, though. If you ask too much from your audience, they will begin to switch off. Add ‘please retweet’ to the more important status updates.

6. 100 to 115 Characters

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People who retweet regularly prefer not to share Twitter updates that are too long. If you’re always reaching 140 characters, take a step back and think of ways to chop it down. Studies have shown that the sweet spot is between 100 and 115 characters. The least retweeted Tweets are those from people who reach the 130-character barrier.

7. Funny Still Works

Even if you’re running a super serious business, there’s always room for humour. You need to be able to change your tone accordingly. One way businesses are doing this is to match the tone of the week so far.

For example, a Twitter user may post a humorous Tweet on a Friday afternoon when people are preparing for the weekend. On the other hand, they’ll keep the more factual ones to early mornings where people are more switched on.

From the above tips, we can learn that increasing the rate of retweets begins from aiming to hit that crucial 100-115-character range. Add in two relevant hashtags and use images, where appropriate. These are the basic building blocks of successful marketing via Twitter.

On top of this, you should look to vary the type of content you Tweet about. Switch between interesting news stories, humorous Tweets, and factual Tweets. Do this based on the general mood of people throughout the working week.

Finally, analyse your results and see what works best for you. In time, you will have a credible and successful Twitter marketing campaign.


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