7 Welcome Email Tips You Should Know

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 If you are seeking to achieve long-range success with email marketing, there is a need to be adept with welcome emails. Welcome emails reduce opt-outs, boost sales and build trust. Generally, welcome emails attract more clicks compared to standard promotional emails. Not only are they easy to set up, they will also put you ahead of a majority of your competitors since only about 50% of websites consider sending out welcome emails.

It is a good idea to send out a series of these emails. This might seem as too much work, but we are providing you with awesome ideas to help you draft the best welcome emails with ease.

1. Send out your welcome emails in real time

Batching your welcome emails might be effective for your server. However, it is a waste of time. There is need for your new subscribers to receive their welcome emails once they confirm their email addresses. According to Experian Marketing Services, instant gratification can boost transaction rates up to 10 times higher as opposed to welcome emails that are batched.

2. Show the simplest and easiest way through your welcome emails

Let your subscribers know that by choosing your services, they have chosen the simplest and most efficient way. Welcome emails offer the best chance to show subscribers why and how to use your service. Since they have already created an account, you just have to prompt them to consider a few more things for them to gain the benefits. This principle has been used by numerous e-commerce sites who offer 10-15% discounts to their new subscribers.

3. Let your new subscribers know that they have made the right choice

This is easy. Begin by telling them how great your service or company is. Instead of telling, it is good to show. Talk about the benefits and not about the features.

4. Give a sense of community to your new subscribers

Some sites such as fashion and design sites give their subscribers a sense of inclusion with simple statements like, “you are one of us.” Consultants can at times inform new subscribers that they are “on the list.” It is up to you to know what to say to your new subscribers to give them a sense of community.

5. Make it simple

The best welcome emails share one trait. They are simple. Don’t bother your new subscribers with too much information. In the case where you have a lot to say, it is advisable to send out a series of welcome emails.

6. Include a working reply address

You are likely to receive replies to the welcome emails sent to new subscribers. Do not lose them. No-reply emails are not ideal for any email, and are a bad way to welcome new subscribers. Sending no-reply emails to your new subscribers is a faint way of telling them that you don’t want to hear from them.

7. Use these emails to gather more information

Welcome emails can provide a good avenue to obtain information about your subscribers’ preferences. The best way is to get them fill an extensive form of preferences during the time of their signup. It is better to wait until you get their information and start demonstrating value instead of asking for specifics.

This tactic is known as progressive profiling and is a verified way to obtain detailed information about your subscribers. Remember, this technique helps you to do so without offending or turning them off.

These seven tips will help you get up to 40 per cent more opens, clicks and transactions, courtesy of your welcome email.

To your success!