8 Benefits of a Work Placement

Since employers are becoming increasingly interested in work experience and academic achievement, candidates are encouraged to take advantage of available work placement opportunities. If you want to increase your chances of finding a job after finishing university you might want to consider going on a work placement during your holidays from University, or as soon as you graduate, before applying for your dream job.

Why are work placements so important?

A work placement can help you gain insight into the occupation and industry you are interested in, develop your professional and personal skills and gain a competitive advantage in the job market.

This article lists 8 benefits of undertaking a work placement:

#1 Develop confidence

A work experience gives you the opportunity to build confidence, to develop initiative and self-management. Workplace challenges and everyday responsibilities will help you become more self-aware by identifying your personal strengths and weaknesses.

#2 Achieve higher grades and a better degree

By undertaking a work placement, you develop an excellent understanding on the industry you have chosen, which can be directly applied to your studies. If you are working on an assignment related to your fieldwork, it will definitely help you get valuable information on your topic.

#3 Gain awareness of current developments in the sector

An effective way to develop awareness in regards to industry trends and developments is to work closely with people who work in your chosen career. These people might be able to give you a good insight into what’s happening within the industry. This way you are better prepared for the world of employment and have a very good advantage over other candidates.

#4 Develop practical experience in the industry you are interested in

Unless you undertake a work placement, you will never know what it is required from you within the specific industry. In fact, a work placement offers you the opportunity to put your knowledge into practice as it allows you to test what you have been learning at college or university through a variety of practical activities.

#5 Improved job opportunities

Holding numerous qualifications is no longer enough. If you feel you don’t have enough experience related to your field of studies then undertaking a work placement is what you need. Employers are more likely to consider your application if you show that you have completed a work placement. Therefore, undertaking a work placement will help you increase your chances of getting hired.

#6 Develop interpersonal and job-specific skills

With a work placement you have the chance to develop interpersonal skills which refer to the skills people use to communicate and interact with other people either individually or in a group. Candidates who possess these skills are more successful in their personal and professional lives. Also, you get to develop skills that are necessary to your chosen occupation.

#7 Develop teamwork

For every work environment you need to possess a different set of essential transferable skills in order to be successful. Teamwork is one of them. Although often neglected, teamwork skills are as vital as communication skills and time management. A work placement will help you develop your ability to work in a team and make effective decisions for a common cause.

#8 Chance of an employment offer

If you are willing to work hard and perform well on a work placement then you have great changes of being offered a firm employment offer by the organisation.  Start by networking and introducing yourself to as many employees as possible since it will definitely help you progress into your chosen career.

If you are interested in undertaking a work placement, visit Global Placement to find a work placement that suits your needs.

So, have you undertaken a work placement? How has it you develop professionally? Leave your comments below.

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