8 Best Websites to Sell Your Products

Most of us always have something we could sell. Thanks to the world of the Internet doing so has never been easier. It also means there are so many choices when it comes to finding somewhere to sell your stuff. Whether you want to completely customize something yourself, or just want something super simple, the options are endless. Whether you’re just trying to clear your house of clutter or are trying to start an online business here are a few websites you might consider checking out.

1. BigCommerce

This website lets you handle every single detail of your online store. Even the most basic option on BigCommerce will allow you to sell as many products as you want. There are also options to connect and promote your store on websites like Facebook and eBay. Starting out at $29.95 a month this online store creator has all the features you need to successfully make some dollars.

2. Shopify

If you’re not so tech savvy and don’t want to create an entire website from scratch to sell your stuff, then this could work for you. Shopify allows you to upload the items you want to sell and customize your page without having to start from the ground up. The cheapest option also starts at $29.95 a month. While it may seem you’re paying more to have less customising options this price tag does mean you’re saving yourself valuable set-up time.

3. Big Cartel

This website is very similar to Shopify however it is more marketed towards those trying to sell things like clothing, jewelry and other artistic creations. Big Cartel allows you to simply upload your products and by just tweaking a few settings you can customize your store. Another big benefit of this website is that they take no percentage of your sales. This makes it perfect for small independent sellers and businesses. If you’re just starting out and want to test the online store waters it’s also extremely affordable. The cheapest option only costs $9.99 a month. There is also a completely free option but you are limited to only being able to sell five products at a time.

4. Etsy

This is another good site for anyone wanting to sell their homemade and art products. It is also a good place to sell any retro and vintage items you might have laying around collecting dust. Etsy has no join-up or monthly fees and it only costs $0.20 USD to list an item for up to four months or until it is sold. Etsy does take a 3.5% transaction fee from the sale of any item however you are warned of these fees every time you go to list an item. This way you can always keep track of what you’re spending. You also don’t have to pay these fees straight away. Instead they are all grouped together monthly in a bill. You can easily browse existing Etsy stores to see if it appeals to you and to get some inspiration for setting up your own.

5. Ebay

This one is a pretty obvious one. A lot of businesses have already decided to choose Ebay as the place for their online shop front. You can choose to list your items either as the well-known auction style or set them as ‘Buy It Know’. This makes it more like an online store. Ebay is also a place you can sell pretty much anything. So no matter what category your products fit into, there’s a place and audience for them on Ebay. Ebay has also recently introduced a new setting. You can take complete control of your item listings and determine features like the price and shipping options. The other option allows you to put your listing into the hands of professionals. They’ll do all the work for you which is great if you don’t have the time or aren’t exactly sure what to do. You also still get 80% of the profits from items sold through their listings. If you choose to do it yourself and set up an Ebay store then fees start at $15.95 a month.

6. Quirky

This isn’t simply a website for selling things you already have made or own. This is a website that can sell an idea that hasn’t even come into being yet. If you’ve got a good product or invention idea in your head but don’t know how to make it come to life or just don’t have the time then submit it to Quirky. If you’re not an expert in putting product pitches together Quirky can help with that to. You can search people who are a part of the Quirky community via their expertise and ask them to help you out. Once your pitch is all done you can submit it to the website and let the community decide. Those in the Quirky community vote on ideas they think deserve support at weekly meetings called Eval. If your idea is voted on then Quirky will either pass the invention on to their brand partners or Quirky will take it on themselves. Once your product is on shop shelves and selling you will start making money.

7. E-Junkie

If you’ve already got a website up and running that lists all your products but just haven’t got them up for sale yet, then this could work for you. E-Junkie takes away the hassle of having to create another page or website to sell your stuff. They do this by giving you access to a ‘buy now’ or ‘add to cart’ button that you can put on your existing page. For anything that customers can download you just upload the file to E-Junkie, select your preferred payment method and pop the button on your website. E-Junkie handles the rest. If you’ve got physical products then E-Junkie can take care of things like shipping costs and keep a check on the number of items left for sale in your inventory. Just create an account with all the necessary details and you’re good to go. The only cost you have to pay is a flat monthly fee that is based on how many products you want to sell. The minimum is $5 USD a month which lets you list up to ten products at one time. If you’re a charity or some other non-profit organisation then you can get this service completely free.

8. Ecwid

This is another service you can attach to any social media page or website you’ve already got up and running. When you set up an Ecwid account you can either create a whole new name and password or link it to any social media account you have. On your profile you can then simply create an online store with all the products you want to sell. Once you’re happy with what you’ve designed you just copy and paste the integration code to the source code section of your existing page. Your storefront will then immediately pop up, and be accessible to your customers. Ecwid can be completely free if you want. The free membership lets you list up to ten products in your store. From there, memberships start at $15 a month or $12.50 a month if you choose to pay your bill annually.

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Setting up an online store can be great for your business because it opens you up to a whole new global market. Depending on your business, or hobby, you can find the ideal website to make profit, based on this article. Do you know of any other good places online to set up a shop?