8 Characteristics of Sales Reps

The importance of hiring sales reps for your company cannot be overlooked. It is probably the most crucial department in your business. This is because of the obvious reason that they are the ones that bring in the customers who in turn increase the sales of your enterprise.

All recruiters are in pursuit of the best sales force for their companies. Unfortunately, they don’t get it right in always. Sometimes they miss the mark and are forced to live with the consequences.

So what are the virtues of admirable sales employees?

1. Passion

The first thing that motivates the sales crews in all companies is passion. Despite the nature of their job (always having to deal with bad attitudes of potential clients, intense pressure from bosses and rejection from unwelcoming customers), these people fuel up their engines by being passionate about selling. They ensure they enjoy selling their products or services to potential customers because they understand that the only way to get by in sales is doing exactly that- enjoying what you are doing.

2. Respect

No one understands the importance of respecting customer values better than sales agents. They will do anything in their power to make a customer feel honored and truly respected. This is especially true for customer time as this is what clearly shows if sales agents understand what respect is or not. They realize that people are super busy and therefore prioritizing their time is the right way to go about it.

3. Tough Skin

To say that sales agents go through a lot of challenges is no surprise. They have to smile when they feel like crying, say “thank you” when they’d rather shout “You have wasted my time!”, handle the pressure of targets at work and at the same time mourn over the fact that they didn’t attain their own financial targets. This can be too much to take but for a sales representative, they have to move on past these challenges and let them go if they are to survive on the job. The secret is to takes things lightly and not personal as the latter might have adverse effects on the general health.

4. Good Time Management

Since time translates to better commissions and hence better paychecks, sales employees take time-planning and management seriously. They rarely waste time on a client that does not look promising or travelling longer distances just to see one potential buyer; unless it is worth their time. They plan their time well and you will often meet them with manual or digital time planners that help them with this.

5. Persistence

Closing a business deal sometimes takes much more than great presentation of quality and state-of-the art products. It requires persistence. Sales agents don’t give up easily but press on till they reach the end. At times, many potential customers prefer ‘taking their time’ and often take too long while at it. It only takes a persistent sales employee to make the customer close the deal and buy the goods or services once and for all.

6. Ability to Listen

As much as being able to speak effectively is huge in sales, the ability to listen to customers is equally important. You will agree with me that unless you understand customer’s needs, visions and goals, you will not sell well. Sales agents capitalize on what potential clients tell them and convert that into money.

7. Positive Thinking

In order to adapt to the sales department, sales reps have realized the need to shun negative thoughts from their minds. They not only derail them at their job but can make them totally quit it. Think about it; they don’t know what to expect every single day they approach potential clients and having mentioned the challenges they face, there are enough reasons for them to be negative but they remain positive and hope for the best.

8. Great Sociable Skills

Sales representatives have no problem with meeting new people. In fact, they look forward to it. They easily get along with everybody and enjoy networking with people across all divides.

Are you a salesperson? What other characteristics are critical for your career? Go ahead and share some of them on the comments box below.


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