8 Digital Tools Writers and Illustrators Shouldn't Miss

Putting pen to paper is the way to initiate writing. In today’s technological world, a bunch of digital tools help us write short stories, memoirs, essays, comics or novels. You can use these tools to enhance your illustrations, poems and stories, and can go beyond the limits of paperback. Such tools open the doors of endless opportunities for the writers, and allow them to share their work with a huge audience.

You can use the below mentioned tools to bring digital experience into your writings:

1. Audioboo

Audioboo is available for smartphone and desktop users. It has been an amazing startup of London that lets you add details like tags, keywords into your writing. You can also correct your grammatical and spelling errors, and share the writings on Facebook and Twitter. Audioboo Plus offers your easy file-sharing option, so that you can get your work checked by a senior author.

2. Evernote

Evernote is accessible from almost all smartphone and computer devices. This tool allows you capture drawing, web clips for making it searchable from social media. You can also share your project notes, information about best-paying writing websites and story ideas to yield better outcomes.

3. GifBoom

With the help of this fully integrated tool, you can create stop-motion bursts, and edit your posts with great ease. Storytellers are able to develop their own storytelling ideas, write blog posts, and books to earn extra bucks. No matter you are an illustrator, storyteller or article writer, GiftBoom is a friendly tool.

4. Inkflow Visual Notebook

Inkflow Visual lets you post high-quality images, write notes and articles, and stay connected with the famous authors all over the world. This application will work as a digital notebook. It provides the users with multiple writing layouts, formats, and unique composition ideas.

5. WordPress

Becoming a web content writer is always interesting and well-rewarding opportunity. WordPress is the most powerful and amazing open-source blogging tool for the writers. It was introduced in 2003, and now it is used by trillions of websites and blogs. WordPress lets you run multiple websites with a single installation, tag hot posts, and proofread the content to make it errors-free. You can also upload pictures and videos on your website with WordPress.

6. is an excellent program for writers. It lets you create various realistic tools like crayon, pencil, pens, and highlighters in your web illustrations.

7. FreeDive

CV Writing Services
CV Writing Services

FreeDive is serving its users as a free, open source data-sharing tool. You can access plenty features like built-in search, database building techniques, and tips for improving your writing skills.

8. Storify

If you’d been looking for a tool that can collect information from multiple sources instantly, Storify is your destination. You just need to type an appropriate keyword in search-box for a prompt answer. This tool collects information relevant to your keyword from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other authentic web sources.

Now you don’t need anything else to rely upon irritating grammar checking and illustration tools. With your employer’s support, select the most suitable writing tool for yourself, adopt flexible working habits, and start a perspective writing career.

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