8 Entrepreneurs Who Started Their Businesses Later in Life [Infographic]

eight entrepreneurs who started late in life infographic
Key Retirement

Out of 4.17 million self-employed workers in the UK, 42 percent are over fifty years old. While this isn’t exactly shocking news, in a way it sounds weird. After all, we are constantly told that the young self-made entrepreneurs are the ones who rule the world. But when you look at some of the greatest companies in the world, you realise that age may not be that important when it comes to business success.

Ray Kroc and Henry Ford may not have had Mark Zuckerberg’s luck, who was able to make his fortune before he was 30 (in fact they were 52 and 40 respectively). However, they did manage to create two of the most important and powerful companies of the modern age, McDonalds and Ford Motors.

As this infographic from Key Retirement confirms, there is no age limit to the pursuit of success. Even though they started their businesses well after their twenties, the entrepreneurs mentioned in the infographic were extremely successful. Some of the men mentioned in the infographic even became billionaires and are the creators of some of the most recognisable companies in the world including Intel and KFC.

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So, check out this infographic to learn more about what the stories behind their success! Do you think there is an age limit to realising your goals? Let me know in the comments section below…




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