8 Fun Activities You Should Try Out in the Office

People complain about their job all the time, and for good reason. We all feel like captives of our daily routine, which is why there are countless “I hate work” internet memes out there. Of course, every job needs to have a routine, otherwise employees wouldn’t be very efficient, but this monotonous experience eventually causes motivation to drop.

In order to avoid this, you should add a couple of fun office rules just to make workdays a little more interesting. Once your employees know the office isn’t such a boring place, they’ll start enjoying their jobs more.

Here’s a list of the various games and activities you can introduce to the workplace, either for team-building purposes or simply to have a good laugh.

1. Whiskey Friday

This activity is simple yet brilliant, and the name is rather self-explanatory. On Fridays, the team should gather round to enjoy some quality scotch. You can use this time to discuss future plans, so it won’t feel like slacking off, but at the same time it won’t feel like work, either.  Don’t be fooled by the name Whiskey Friday, though, since it is more of concept, really: any drink will do (and it doesn’t have to be on a Friday, either)!

Fun fact: the people who created this event were staff at Dropbox back in 2009. They had a lot of whiskey bottles at some point and decided to start lowering their supplies every Friday, just for kicks. It wasn’t long before the idea became widely accepted.

2. Darts

Darts are great: the games don’t last for too long, people take turns quickly, and hitting a bull’s eye always ends in celebration. The rules are rather simple – plus, if you buy a darts arcade machine, you won’t have to bother with calculating points.

3. Office Joust

What is office joust, you ask? Well, according to Urban Dictionary, it’s a “contest used to settle affairs of workplace matters and/or to relieve boredom. Office chairs are used as horses while broomsticks are used as lances”.

Office joust is an exhilarating activity; it’s perfect for blowing off some steam and having fun in the process. No need to have any doubts about this one; joust do it. All you need is a couple of office chairs, lances made out of cardboard tubes (or broomsticks), and four people to perform a single jousting match (two of them to sit on the chairs and the other two to push them towards each other). It would be ideal if you had a narrow hallway so that collision is guaranteed. Remember to film the games, since there is a good chance you’ll go viral, making it a perfect commercial for your business. I even added a video for you to see how it looks.

4. Office Golf

It’s like mini golf but even smaller, and you have to create your golf course. The best way to do this is to use coffee mugs for holes, and buy golf sticks from a nearby toy store. Since the game is fairly fast-paced, you can make your own golf tournament and give everyone a chance to participate in the fun. You could become the office’s Tiger Woods – just don’t cheat on your wife.

5. DIY Decorations

Now here’s a good one. It may not be as exciting as the other ones on this list, but it will brighten up your work environment. Just pick one day when you and you workers can create decorations for the office. Since these are DIY projects, you are only allowed to purchase raw materials for the decorations (cardboard, glue, scissors, paints, etc.)

The activity allows everyone to be creative, hone their crafting skills, and find unique ways of decorating the office. It’s safe to say that these decorations should in a way resonate with your line of work. For example, if you make apps and games, you can create Pac-Man ghosts or Tetris pieces out of cardboard and paint them afterwards.

6. Office Hold’em

Do you have a gambling problem? If you don’t, you’re about to.

On a payday, the conditions are perfect for playing poker. Moreover, this is an opportunity for everyone to practice their poker face, since who knows when it will come in handy? Of course, you do not need to use real money, but it does add some extra pressure into the mix. There are different types of poker rules, so it is up to you to decide which version you want to play. The activity is really fun, and it gives everyone a good excuse to wear sunglasses and smoke thick Cuban cigars. Real cash or not, poker is an awesome way to spice up your office life.

7. Table Soccer

We all know how to play table soccer on some level, so all you and your coworkers or employees need to do is buy a table. This is one of those purchases you won’t regret, believe me, since table soccer will give your office the man cave vibe it deserves. The first game is simply for fun and it serves as a warm up, but once the competitive spirit is ignited, tensions start to run high.

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In addition to a great adrenalin rush, this is an excellent team-building exercise. You can either play it one-on-one or form teams (each team member is in charge of one handle), which means your employees will work on both coordination and collaboration. Much like with office golf, you can organize office tournaments and you can all chip in to buy prizes that victors will take home so that everyone will be motivated.

8. Karaoke

Nothing helps people bond better than a shared embarrassing experience, which only karaoke machines can provide. It goes without saying that anyone who knows how to sing should be immediately disqualified because that person is clearly going to ruin the activity for everyone else.

You can buy a karaoke machine, or just look for karaoke versions of songs on YouTube. It is crucial that someone records these events because you’ll all have a good laugh afterwards. Feel free to sing duets and to air-band with other coworkers. Maybe it’s not the best standalone activity, but add it to Whiskey Friday, and you’ll have one hell of a good day.

It may sound immature but, as mentioned earlier, fun activities like these will improve the mood in your office during work hours as it allows people to bond and grow to like their workplace even more. If you want your company to be successful, you need to go beyond the traditional boss-worker relationship. You are all teammates and need to learn how to cooperate with one another, and how to have fun together. Additionally, you can try out other office team-building activities like “real-life room escape”, as these can truly reveal which one of your coworkers is a team player.

What fun activities do you and your colleagues get up in the office? Share your ideas with us in the comments section below!

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