8 Jobs for Star Trek Fans

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If you’re a Star Trek fan, you may dream of exploring the universe and finding unknown planets inhabited by beautiful, yet seductively curious alien species, but you need to work to pay the bills and to fuel your scientific experiments to discover Dilithium crystals on Earth. But, there are some jobs that will let a Star Trek fan bring a piece of the Star Trek Universe into their earthly lives. Of course, there are very few people that can just walk into these or any jobs without any training or qualifications, but at least it gives you a career plan.

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1. Astronaut

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Rather obviously, being an astronaut or having any job role within the astronautics industry would provide the closest experience to Star Trek. Of course, in our technological stage of space flight you’ll most likely be sticking to our galaxy, and performing complex engineering, mathematical or scientific calculations rather than defending space stations and introducing alien women to the concept of love.

Waking up to the sun rising over the planet must be a site to behold. But, unless you’ve been actively working towards becoming an astronaut for your entire life, are incredibly skilled in astronautics not to mention lucky enough to be picked to join a space expedition, being an astronaut is a difficult career path to get into.

2. Astronomer


OK, as an astronomer you’re not taking any physical giant leaps for mankind, but you can still be the first to discover new planets and space phenomenon from the comfort of your own planet, which I’m assuming is Earth. Astronomy is most closely related to Astrometrics in Star Trek, which is the science of charting stars, planets, and all the other things floating about in space that intrigued Seven of Nine and Harry Kim in Voyager.  In short, you’ll be the smart guy who understands the physics of the universe, which you can use to slingshot the enterprise through a white giant without a sweat. Good for you.

3. Engineer

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Despite the fame and the glory that the various bridge crews get during each episode, if it weren’t for all the engineers and mechanics, there wouldn’t be any space ships or space travel, and each episode would just show a few Starfleet officers standing on empty launch pads looking rather confused. It’s the engineers who create the ships, weapons, and technology that pulls everything together, so get yourself trained as an engineer and you could be part of the team that creates the first Enterprise.

OK, technically (pun intended) it’s more likely you’ll fix a faulty carburettor, a bent crankshaft or simply spend your days turning things off and then back on again. This also means that rather than blasting off in a showdown with alien invaders you’ll be coming up with the engineering joy-rigging plan in the last ten minutes of the episode that has a low chance of success, but the engineering crew somehow pull it off and save the day. Hoorah!

4. Distiller

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Fans of Star Trek The Original Series would be aware that Scotty, the Scottish engineer responsible for keeping the Enterprise flying for so long, loved his scotch whisky. If you share his love of the golden nectar, then you may just have the enthusiasm to be a distiller.

Working as a distiller in any number of the distinctive brewery’s and you have the chance to create some new and delicious scotches that Scotty would be proud of. Being a Whiskey or Scotch taster is one of the few jobs where they pay you to drink on the job, and what says Scotty more than taking a quick sip at particularly stressful times in Engineering. That’s commitment to the cause for you.

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5. Race car driver

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Being a Race Car Driver allows you to experience some of the fastest speeds on earth. Sure you’re not going to go at speeds anything like Warp 9, but this job still has you going fast, and I mean really fast, not just ‘putting your head up close to the Windows Starfield Screensaver and imagining’ fast.

Plus you get your own team of pit crew (or engineers) to work on your ’craft’ for you. Admittedly, there is a chance of crashing and burning unless you have the required skill to drive a vehicle at those speeds, but every Captain must experience a little danger in their life, right?

6. Animal trainer

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I’ve seen a lot of Star Trek episodes from The Original Series through to Enterprise, and there are many episodes where the crew must pacify or befriend some kind of weird alien creature that admittedly often looked exactly like a human wearing a suit, except for species 8472 which was prevalent in Star trek Voyager and was actually one of the few CGI creatures.

Well, if you worked as an animal trainer you could experience the thrills and spills of meeting interesting lifeforms, which probably want to either kill or eat you and make them dance and pose. For the more aquatic of lifeforms get them to jump through hoops and soak the closer members of the audience. Admittedly, dolphins aren’t quite species 8472 in regards to ferocity, but species 8472 was rubbish at jumping through hoops.

7. Adult movie make-up artist

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There are people out there who are paid to apply makeup to actors and actresses who work in the adult entertainment industry. I know, it’s probably not the job that most people would speak to their career’s advisor about, but nevertheless, some people do that and get paid for it.

So working as a make-up artist in the adult entertainment industry has quite a few perks, but for the Star Trek fan, this would be even more ‘in their galaxy’. Only as a make-up an artist could you spend most of your day applying make-up to your models, and at the end of the day, you get to watch an actor with questionable acting skills making out with your subject. Congratulations, you now feel exactly like the make-up artists on Star Trek, The Original Series.

8. Sewing machine repairer

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OK, I see what you’re saying, ‘What on earth does maintaining sewing machines have to do with Star Trek?’ I agree it is technically a sub-section of engineering, so may not be considered a completely different job. Sure, you may not be fixing warp drives, or ensuring the life support systems are at optimal efficiency, but fixing sewing machines is still a very important job. And where other jobs have a more ’woolly’ connection to Star Trek, this one connects you to one of the greatest Captains in the Star Trek Universe, Captain Jean-Luc Picard. How? Well, what other job can you spend your day making things sew…

“Make it so?”…  It’s what Captain Picard says…

Oh, suit yourself.

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So there you have it, just a handful of some of the jobs and careers open to the average Star Trek fan that wants to connect to Star Trek. I can only apologise that this list which started off rather sensibly devolved into nothing more than a list of rather tenuous Star Trek puns.

Puns aside, though, you can make connections from Star Trek to a great many jobs. After all, people lived on the Enterprise and many of the other starships for years, so there were jobs of every kind needed to sustain a population of several hundred crew members. If you’re looking to actually experience what it’s like to work in space, then that’s a much shorter and exclusive list.

Have you ever had any Star Trek fan? Have you considered any of these jobs? Your thoughts and comments below please...