8 Most Pointless Inventions Ever!

Man has an incredible mind. The entrepreneurial spirit has lived inside man since the dawn of time. From the invention of the wheel to the creation of social media, human ingenuity has and always will be around us to make our lives better. Just when we thought everything has been invented, some person comes up with something clever. 

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For every groundbreaking invention, like the telephone or the automobile, there’s a cringe worthy invention, like the ones listed below. These inventions were developed with good intentions and it was believed by both the inventor and the financiers that they would change the world for the better. 

Of course, none of these inventions did much except induce laughter for the general public, and content for us! Consumers are willing to spend their hard earned money on worthwhile products that can somehow make their lives easier or better, but these things did nothing whatsoever. 

Here are eight of the top pointless inventions ever:

1. Shoe Umbrella

The Shoe Umbrella was meant to help your feet stay dry and keep your shoes looking nice. Unfortunately, it doesn’t accomplish any of this: your feet are still likely to get soaked by the puddles of water and your shoes will look awful with the umbrella sticking out of them. Plus they would likely garner a certain kind of attention. 

2. Avocado Saver

Avocado Saver

Avocado is a very popular food item today. This fruit is delicious and adds a divine taste to your sandwiches. However, many of us don’t spend our evenings stressed out thinking about if the avocado will remain fresh in the morning in the fridge - we often eat avocado slices that are slightly brown. An avocado saver is meant to keep it healthy and fresh, but there are many products in the kitchen that would suffice. 

3. Walking Sleeping Bag

A sleeping bag is a very comfortable unit. We also have fond memories of sleeping in the woods with our fathers. But would you want to walk around in one? Probably not. But the inventor thought the consuming public would. The walking sleeping bag allows you to walk comfortably while still maintaining a cozy and warm feeling. It’ll likely frighten others. 

4. USB Pet Rock

Remember the Pet Rock? The inventor made millions of dollars from the biggest waste of money. Well, developers attempted to bring the Pet Rock into the 21st century with the USB Pet Rock. You simply connect the item into the computer and...well, that’s it. Ostensibly, you can produce stories, according to the developers. 

5. Privacy Scarf

Privacy Scarf
Hockey Drunk

Sometimes we just want some privacy when we peruse our mobile phone or browse the web. Inventors took that notion way too far by developing the Privacy Scarf, a piece of material that stretches from your head to the smartphone or computer. Due to the, er, uniqueness of it and the sheer size of the product it’ll likely only garner unwanted attention to yourself. 

6. Snowball Maker

Since we were kids, we had snowball fights in the winter. A part of the fun is making your own snowballs. Forget that because now all you need is the Snowball Maker, a piece of equipment that makes snowballs for you. Remember kids, when you go to school in the winter, be sure to bring along your snowball maker. 

7. Female Lap Pillow

Perverts rejoice. When you’re tired in the general public, you want to take a nap and you don’t have a lady, just pull out your Female Lap Pillow and close your eyes. This invention would never be used in the public eye because it’s just too weird. The top of the pillow is a piece of material (a representation of a skirt) and the rest of the pillow is a pair of legs. 

8. Wine Glass Holder Necklace

It can be rather irksome to carry around a glass of wine, especially when you want to do some writing, lifting 10-pound weights, shaking hands and playing golf. There’s a solution for that: the Wine Glass Holder Necklace. For $25, you can place your glass around your neck and walk around hands-free, but be sure not to walk too fast, though, because it’ll probably spill. 

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It would be very interesting to see these inventors appear on "Shark Tank" and attempt to sell their products to the likes of Kevin O’Leary or Mark Cuban. They would be tossed out of the show. With that being said, there seems to be a market for everything these days, but some are just too weird to ever garner a massive audience.

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