8 Outdated Office Fashion Rules for Men

Cee Lo Green
Yahoo! Style

In the past century, there has been an enormous amount of transformation in the style of clothing that men wear to the office. For years, it was a standard three-piece suit and a hat. Then it was a simple two-piece suit and a hat. Today, out of nowhere, it’s pretty much anything goes – within reason, of course.

Conventionally speaking, there have been traditions and customs when it came to how to dress for work. Except for blue-collar jobs, if you didn’t own a suit then you likely wouldn’t have gotten far in your career. Indeed, wearing a suit was immensely important not just to your job but also to your social standing. 

Times have certainly changed. People aren’t so much judged by their clothes anymore, though if you’re not wearing pink, skinny suits and unique haircuts, then you won’t be entering the "cool club" at the office anytime soon. Or perhaps that’s an exaggeration.

Whatever the case, there are certain outdated fashion rules for men that have been thrown out the window in recent years – here are eight of them.

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1. Always Wear Socks with Shoes

Usually, whenever you wear close-toed shoes, then you should cover your feet in socks for a few reasons: it’s sanitary, tradition, and comfortable. However, that has changed in the modern day. Many men now wear suits to work without wearing socks. This may be uncomfortable at the end of the day when your feet are drenched in sweat, but it’s the look that men care about.

2. Oh, and Don't Wear White Socks

Unless you’re trying to act like Michael Jackson, the common idea was to avoid wearing white socks if you weren’t going to the gym. Once again, this has changed and many men now enjoy wearing white tube socks with black pants because they’re simply comfortable.

3. Never Button the Top Button Without a Tie

If you’re not wearing a tie, then why would you button your shirt all the way to the top? Doesn’t it choke the life out of you? That’s a good question, but some men simply love this style and it has become acceptable in all circles. It makes men stand out, and all of the fashion icons are embracing the trend.

4. Wear a Belt When Pants Have Loops

Your father probably always told you that if your pants have loops then you should wear a belt. Years ago, it was a good idea; today, not so much. It’s just not that big of a deal anymore if you’re not wearing a belt with your looped pants. Be sure they fit though, unless you don’t mind them slagging below your butt.

5. You Should Be Clean-Shaven at the Office

The landscape of clean-shaven men has been eviscerated. Men today sport beards in one form or another and, whether they’re subtle or caveman-like, offices are more accepting of them. Heck, as long as you’re doing your job, you can braid your beard for all they care.

6. Don't Sport Brown Shoes with a Black or Blue Suit

For a long time, men felt very uncomfortable if they wore brown shoes with black or blue suits. This changed once fashion magazines began to incorporate this style into their clothing. Nowadays, it’s perfectly OK to wear brown shoes with black or blue suits.

7. If It's Not Sunny Outside, Don't Wear Sunglasses

Sunglasses are meant to protect your eyes from the blazing sun. Somehow, they have become a lot more to one’s daily apparel ensemble. Sunglasses are fashion accessories and can now be worn at a restaurant, in front of the computer at work, on the subway, or even at home. Who knows why anyone would want to do that?

8. Don't Wear Pink

Let’s be honest: men’s fashion has become very feminine in recent years. Not only are pants becoming tighter and carrying around man purses has become socially acceptable, wearing variations of pinks and purples is fine, too. It may be odd at first, but someone wearing a suit with a purple shirt, a pink tie and a pink handkerchief is probably a very popular person at work.

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As time goes by, fashion constantly changes for both sexes. Today, women can walk around in tank tops and booty shorts without any complaints, and men can even do the same thing! Although the office usually asks its staff to wear something appropriate, the style of apparel is inconsequential. In other words, men can wear pink suits without socks all day long, and no one will bat an eyelash.