8 Reasons Loners Are More Successful

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There are two types of people in this world: outgoing, confident, party people and those that are a bit more quiet, reserved, and total bookworms. I know, you thought the world was so big and there were so many unique human beings living here, but the fact is that we generally tend to fall into these two categories. We’re either friendly and we love people, or we’re more of a lone wolf. But good news for those of you that are more on the quiet side and who love spending time alone at the office: it turns out that you’re more successful. Read on for the eight reasons that prove being a loner, brings you great career success.

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1. You are Drama-Free

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Okay, so you might get a little lonely if you constantly keep to yourself at the office, never join your colleagues in the break room for a quick sandwich at noon or RSVP yes to a happy hour invite. But the good news is that you will stay totally drama-free at the office. You won’t have to deal with completely unnecessary details of your coworkers’ personal lives and the bad dates they go on every week. You won’t have the people you work with knowing icky details about you, either, so it’s basically a win-win. You want to stay professional and that’s exactly what you look like. Good for you.

2. You can Focus on Your Career Goals

We humans are a pretty suggestible species. We can be pretty sheep-like and can get easily influenced by those around us. So, if you’re spending the majority of your time with the people at your office but choose to stick to yourself, then that’s a good idea because you won’t be influenced by them at all. You can instead look inwards and focus completely on what you want out of your career. If you’re upset about the treatment you’re getting from the woman that sits beside you, and your boss wanted you guys to work together on this super important project, then you can go to your boss and explain the situation. You’re not friends with her, so why stay silent and protect your relationship? You don’t have a relationship, so you’re free and clear to get what you want. If you weren’t such a loner, you’d feel horrible for having to tattle on a good friend. So it definitely pays off in the long run to be alone.

3. You can Leave Anytime

Sure, you love your job and your current position is tons of fun and satisfying. You wake up every day excited to go to the office and aren’t exactly crying on your morning subway commute. But sometimes your dream job is not so dreamy and you want to be able to quit without looking back. Who wants to deal with annoying, clingy coworkers who don’t want you to leave? Or have to get upset that you’re quitting and leaving behind all your best friends? No one wants that kind of pressure.

4. You don't Have to Share Your Food

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When we enjoy what we do and brighten our work days, we’re more succesful because we’re happier and in a much better mood. So go ahead and enjoy your pizza and cookies and see a surge in how productive you can be in a single afternoon. When we work 9-to-5, lunch is often the one bright spot in our day. Be honest. You totally agree. Our jobs can be so stressful and even awful and by the time noon or 1 p.m. rolls around, we have officially had enough and ready to call it a day. But since we can’t leave work and go to bed, we have to enjoy the food we’re eating all day long. If you’re friends with everyone and you order a pizza to be delivered to your desk (hey, you can do that, and it’s the best idea ever) or bake yourself some chocolate chunk cookies, you have to share. Because you’re basically evil if you don’t. But since you’re a lone wolf and no one expects you to deal with them, you can happily eat whatever you want. Every toddler who hates to share is super jealous of you right now because they’re always being told to share more. But you don’t have to. And since you’re going to be eating alone at your desk, you’re not wasting precious time and can get work done while chowing down.

5. You're More Impressive

It’s pretty simple: if you stay completely professional and focused on all things work related at the office, then you will be a much more impressive employee than someone who is a huge gossip, always complaining about their boyfriend and whining about so-and-so not deserving a promotion. People will respect and even fear you a little bit. They’ll wonder what your secret is.

6. You Have a Better Work/Life Balance

There’s something to be said for completely keeping your work and life separate. If you focus on your job and your career goals and only speak to people at the office when it comes to work-related matters, then you can save your evenings and weekends for your friends, family and romantic partner (or for your Netflix addiction if you’re happily single – that’s good too). You have a clear head and can easily separate the personal from the professional. It’s much harder to have a proper work/life balance if you’re friendly with your coworkers because then you start wanting the office to be a total party all the time. And by the tenth time your boss tells you and your work BFF to stop talking and actually get something done, you’re going to be upset that the two of you have to work instead of being able to chat over margaritas. Much better to be a loner.

7. You're Strong and Independent

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At the end of the day, even if you’re close with your boss and coworkers, you’re still basically alone because they can’t do your job for you. I know, how awesome would it be if they could? But that’s not reality, so you might as well work in your own little world and be as productive as possible without any outside distractions. The best employees and the most successful people are strong and independent. They are definitely loners. They don’t ask their colleagues for suggestions or ideas, they come up with the ideas themselves and make sure they’re always on the top of their career game.

8. You're More Motivated

It’s pretty inspiring and motivating when you push yourself to work harder, and since you’re naturally a loner at the office, you’re going to be the only one that you want to prove yourself to. You hold yourself to a super high standard and never want to be anything less than perfect. It’s a good idea to want to impress yourself and not anyone else, because people are fickle and you never know if your boss is going to be in a crappy mood one day.

Wondering if it’s a bad thing that you tend to stick to yourself at the office? Been a natural loner your entire life? Do you hate people? Okay, so you don’t hate people, but still, it’s not the biggest deal in the world that you like to spend time alone at the office. In fact, it’s a good thing, because you’re more successful than people who spend all their time gabbing to their coworkers. So be proud of your true nature and get to work.