8 Reasons You Are Still Unemployed

Sad guy wearing glasses

If you haven't had any luck landing the job of your dreams yet, there is probably a good reason you're unemployed! It is time you made some changes !

You get your degree and suddenly you become an adult who desperately needs a real job to survive, and it is hard. As money and food start to run out, you start questioning your life and education choices. You can blame the economy; it has been tough on recent grads. But have you ever thought that sometimes, it’s just you?

I mean, all the news seem positive for people entering the workforce, with unemployment rates as low as 4.9%, “it is the lowest figure since October 2005 and better than market expectations of 5 percent”, according to the Office for National Statistics in the U.K. So, why are you still jobless?

Are you one of the 1.7 million British without a job? Well, I would love to sit here with you and tell you how your luck can change but, truth is, it’s not about luck - the fact that you are still unemployed might be because of something you are doing wrong.

Just think about it: if you are doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, you're being foolish. If you want to see better results you need to make some changes! Here are a few good reasons you are still unemployed and how to break this unemployed funk.

#1 You Don’t Want it Bad Enough

This is especially true if you are fresh out of college. You know that you should be working - your bank account emphasises that - but when you actually think about it, you are dreading it and just the thought of having a real job makes you sad. Okay, we are not here to blame and shame you - college was so different; you lived on your own terms and schedule but the harsh reality is that college has finished and you have to get over it to find a real job to start earning a living.

#2 Your Networking Skills are Terrible


Okay, maybe you aren’t the most social person among your jobseeker peers or other people in general, but your unwillingness to talk to people can decrease your chances of finding a job. As you are sending out CVs and replying to general job ads from home on your laptop, other active jobseekers are calling places asking for jobs, talking to their connections and asking for any available positions or even checking out job fairs.

You don’t have to be an ultra sociable person; all you need to do is take a deep breath, approach people and talk to them about your interest in getting a job. You need to show them that you are different and better or else your CV might just be thrown away.

#3 You Are Bad at Interviews

Maybe you have managed to land interviews before but never got a callback. It could be because of some really exceptional candidates taking the only position available but it could also be because of something you accidentally did wrong. Remember that the job interview is a massive part of the job search and requires a lot of practise and skill.

It takes preparation; research the company you have applied to, amaze them with your knowledge, prepare all your answers to common interview questions beforehand and most importantly, don’t start bad mouthing your last boss. Your answers should be short, confident, clear and concise with a pinch of humor and charm to nail the interview.

#4 You are Greedy


We are not saying that you are greedy all the time because there are some companies that would pay you with old Halloween candy if they could and sometimes £20 an hour isn’t enough to survive on your own. So, the natural thing would be to try and get more by setting your salary requirements higher, but in the eyes of an employer you are just like any other millennial- if you don’t take the job, someone else will.

Yes, unfortunately, the system is messed up. So if you do land a job, take it because sometimes little money is better than no money at all. Stay in that job until you find a better opportunity. You will also avoid having to stay unemployed for one or two years, and we all know how difficult it is to justify this big gap, right?

#5 You Need to Clean Yourself Up

When you arrive for an interview, make sure to look like you are a future employee at the company. You have to look clean and professional in a suit or a business skirt. Try to hide your tattoos, shave or trim your beard and take out any crazy piercings you have. Try to avoid doing things that could turn off an employer; reeking of cigarettes isn’t very appealing so do yourself a favor and don’t smoke until after your interview. Look like a serious business person and you might just get yourself a job.

#6 You Are Lying


The last thing you want to do to an employer is lie to their face or appear shady. Maybe you didn’t get the GPA they asked for or you don’t have the exact experience they require so you decide to change some things on your CV. But that’s a big mistake - it’s very easy for an employer to see that you are lying because all they have to do is check your college transcripts or call previous employers. Don’t ever put yourself in this position, it is not worth it. Just be honest and show them what your skills and knowledge are.

#7 You Are Overqualified

Aiming too high is as bad as aiming too low. Why would an employer hire someone with 10 years of experience and big responsibilities in their last job for an entry level job? All entry level jobs should be filled by entry level candidates. Don’t waste your time and the employer’s time too by applying for an intern job when you have years of experience. They understand how desperate you are but they also know that you’d be gone in a heartbeat as soon as something better in your field comes along. Find jobs that are ideal for your knowledge, degree and experience or at least something related to that.

#8 You Are Applying to the Wrong Jobs


One of the most important things you should always remember when job searching is that more is not always better. If you have applied for 300 jobs in 3 months and not received a single offer, then I am sorry to break it to you but it is not anyone else’s fault you are not getting a job.

Let me make this clear: if you are not qualified for a job, do not apply there! Instead, you should only apply for jobs you are qualified for so you can become a candidate to them and not a number. When you apply for jobs you are not qualified for you are wasting the employer’s time, your time and you build no connections with professionals for future reference - you are more likely building bad blood between you and them.

If you are currently looking for a job with no success, make sure to read this article and acknowledge all the mistakes you are making. The first thing you should do though is to stop blaming others for your unemployment; own it, and work hard to change it. It is all up to your good will and determination to land the job of your dreams.