8 Signs You're the Office Queen Bee

Being the leader of the pack has always come naturally to you. Although you don’t like the term queen bee, they have all called you like this a number of times. The funny thing about the name is that it’s accurate. Your parents have told you numerous stories about how when you were younger you always wanted to have playdates and how you led your followers in an epic school play. As you got older, people gravitated towards you and always seemed to follow your lead. You didn’t mind it. You were never alone and you sometimes used your following for selfish reasons. It’s not your fault that people didn’t mind doing your homework. It was one of the many benefits of being the queen bee at your school.

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College was no different. Your university was huge but that didn’t stop you from becoming a leader there too. You become a force to be reckoned with within your sorority and became the president. Or you took a liking to student affairs and the student body voted you in as president of the student government association. Being the queen bee is who you are and it follows you no matter where you go, even to your job post graduation.

You are not yet in a position of power at work but you are well on your way. Your colleagues adore you and look to you for advice. They talk to you as if you are their psychiatrist and sometimes completely divulge their personal information. It’s a little weird but you tend to keep your cool. Your boss sees you as a leader, his right hand and his confidant. You’re the boss without actually being given title- for now. Soon, you will be running the entire company. Until then, you will continue to accept the title of queen bee and govern your colleagues under the radar. Here are eight signs that you are the queen bee of the office.

1. You’re Always Surrounded by a Crowd

As the queen bee of the office, you are never left alone. You are always surrounded by people. Whether it’s your peers, superiors, or clients, you are constantly in the midst of a group. You could be eating lunch and your peers would come sit with you. Or you could be the first person to enter into a company meeting and the next few people to file in immediately want to sit with you. People just love to be around you. You have an aura that makes you an approachable person. Always being surrounded by a crowd has taught you how to be charismatic, which is another trait that contributes to your queen bee status.  

2. Your Boss Asks for Your Input

You are not just any employee. You are the boss’s number one employee. You are his favorite and he relies heavily on you. Your superior is constantly asking for your input on new business endeavors, new products, and even your opinion on your fellow co-workers. You have even been responsible for getting a few people fired. Being the queen bee gives you special privileges and an indirect seat at the executive table.   

3. Your Body Language Conveys Your Confidence to Colleagues

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The way you carry yourself plays a big role in how people perceive you as well. Your posture is incredibly perfect. You always seem to make eye contact, regardless of who you are talking to. Your walk even has an odd stride that makes people want to move out of your way when you walk through the office. You convey your queen bee status without even saying a word. You exude the leadership presence with your body language.

4. You Are the Defacto Leader in Group Assignments

Whenever it is time to team up on a project, you become the team’s leader without debate. It is second nature to your colleagues and also second nature to you. You step into the role without actually being told you have it. You’ve been a queen bee for so long that you don’t need an election or invitation to just do what you’ve always done, which is lead others.

5. Colleagues Offer to Help You With Your Tasks

You sometimes take advantage of your position as the office queen bee and get your co-workers to do your job duties. They have completed some of the tedious paperwork you don’t want to do. They have conducted some of the research you were too lazy to do. They have even written some of your reports and you have passed them off as yours. It’s not your fault that some of your colleagues treat you like royalty. They offer their services and it would be rude of you to reject their eagerness to please.

6. You Receive Multiple Compliments a Day

As soon as you walk into the building, you are given compliments. People compliment your outfit, your hair, and even the way you smell. The compliments even go past your appearance. As the day goes on, your colleagues tell you what a great job you did on your presentation and how amazingly talented you are. Like the gracious queen bee that you are, you politely say thank you time and time again. But you have to admit, it gets rather annoying sometimes.

7. You Get Away With Mistakes More Often Than Your Peers

Those rare moments when you do make a mistake and everyone seems to take notice, even your boss, it is swept under the rug as if nothing happened. No matter how big or small a mistake, it goes away because you are the queen bee. Your boss doesn’t hesitate to scold other employees about their bad performance or lack of common sense. You would say something about the double standard but you don’t want your queen bee privileges to be revoked. Your colleagues are just going to have to step it up.

8. You Spend a Huge Amount of Time Getting Ready for Work

You know that you are the center of attention at work so you spend an immense amount of time getting ready in the morning. You spend longer than usual in the shower to make sure you are squeaky clean. You shave every nook and cranny of your body. You think long and hard about what you are going to wear. Is this the day to be bold and wear red or should you be mysterious and wear black? You have a ton of fragrances to choose from and can never decide on which one you want to wear. Your morning routine is rigorous and detailed. To anyone else it would be frustrating but to you it is just a part of life.

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Life as the office queen bee, is pretty much everything you could hope for. You have friends that would do anything for you. You get an ego boost every time you step into the office, so you practically never have a bad day. Your boss is putty in your hands and your colleagues are your minions. You rule your office without being a tyrant and you do it all while looking fabulous. You may not be an executive but you sure get treated like one. Actually, you get treated better than any boss could. You are the office queen bee and don’t plan on being dethroned any time soon.  

Do you recognize any of the above signs? Would you say that you are the queen bee of your office? Let us know in the comments section below.