8 Signs Your Coworkers Secretly Hate You

If you happen to work at a big company then you will see that there is a mixture of employees with different personalities, beliefs, values and backgrounds. You have no control over who comes to work there or who goes, you just have to learn to live with the idea that there’s no chance that you will get along with all your coworkers; and that’s okay.

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You might have some friends at work or even best-friends, but I bet you have some people you simply cannot get along with no matter how hard you try. Well, while some of your colleagues have no reservations about showing you how much they hate you, there are others who will try to remain professional and hide those hard feelings.

Well, even if you don’t believe it, those secret haters are actually trying their best to make your life more difficult and miserable; they are just so good at it that they still manage to keep it under the radar.

But worry not; this is why we are here. We have put a list of the most common and obvious signs your coworkers secretly hate your guts, so you know how to throw that hate back at them, or you can just be the better person I guess but that is boring.

1. They Avoid You

avoiding someone

If you notice that some coworkers take the stairs when they see you waiting for the elevator or changing their mind and taking the stairs as soon as you approach them to share the elevator, then that’s a pretty obvious sign they hate you.

2. They Never Smile

No, we are not talking about the occasional mood swing or bad day when they don’t smile at all. We are talking about coworkers who make an evident effort not to smile when they are in the same place as you. The worst one of them all is when they are all bubbly and happy and their smile suddenly dies and turns into a frown as soon as you enter the room.

3. They Ignore You

ignoring someone

If your coworkers don’t say “good morning” when you arrive in the morning or even turn to look at you and acknowledge your presence then, guess what, they don’t like you. That’s especially true when you say “good morning” to their face and they just ignore you when you are 1000% sure they heard you loud and clear.

4. You Never Get Invited

If you never get invited to happy hour, lunch or coffee meetings when even the office cleaner gets invited sometimes then I guess they are trying to send you a pretty clear message.

5. Mean Girls Clique

Have you ever felt like you were in a scene from “Mean Girls”? Has anyone ever shouted at you “you can’t sit with us” and signaled for you to exit the room and leave their clique alone? Well, they are mean, and they hate you.

6. They Never Ask About Your Personal Life

Do you notice coworkers speaking with each other and talking about their husbands, kids and hobbies? How come they never do the same thing with you? Do they even know you how long you’ve been working together?

7. They Avoid Face-to-Face Communication

no face-to-face interaction

Apart from avoiding you, some coworkers will try their best to limit any possible interaction with you. If the coworker you are sharing a cubicle with sends you a digital message instead of just talking to you in person then this is an obvious sign. Don’t you want to shout “hello, I am here” to their face?

8. They Spread Rumours About You

Yes, I know this is not a shocker; rumours and gossiping happens in even the best workplaces. But have you ever thought when or why this childish and unprofessional behavior exists? It’s because this is what people tend to do when they hate someone, namely you.

Do you recognize the above signs? Why do you think your coworkers hate you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.