8 Tech Skills Which Will Make You Six Figures

By now we all know that tech is the land of professional milk and honey, jobs are plentiful, the benefits are huge and the salaries are generous......

The easily amended problem though is which tech skills are the ones that will get you a six figure pay check? How is it easily amended you ask? Well, all you need to do is acquire these skills, either through a certification program, a university or there are even some pretty decent free on-line courses you can take. Keep in mind that tech skills often come with an expiration date, so you might want to keep up with current tech trends and industry standards, these skills is based on data from the end of April 2016 (since April of last year). Here are some tech skills that will score you a six figure salary.

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The information on this list is based on analysis conducted by Dice (a resource for IT professionals which shows them the most in-demand skills at the moment)

1. Cassandra

Initially created by Facebook, this database management system is now being used by huge corporations including Apple, Spotify, eBay, Instagram and Netflix. This system is extremely popular due to its ability to hand vast amounts of data, while being implemented on multiple cheaper servers. It’s a free and open source system. The salary floats around a substantial 147.000 dollars and although the salary’s nice, unfortunately, not as in demand as the other application/skills on this list. It only saw a 32% increase in job openings since April of last year.

2. Hive


Yet another type of big-data application that can handle large amounts of information spread across multiple affordable servers. It works with Hadoop database software extracting and recalling information, using standard data extraction methods. This tech is also used by huge corporation such as Facebook and Netflix amongst others. In basics, it’s a database-query interface, i.e. a piece of software that allows you to interact with the database. The growth of this skill has also been a little bit lower compared to the skills on this list, but still comes with a 129,000 dollar salary and also 32% increase in job openings last month.

3. The Cloud

cloud computing

Yes that abstract thing where data goes to die (or be compromised as most people fear), cloud computing has been gaining more and more traction in recent years, especially since Google started dabbling in cloud based business/productivity applications. Not only does Google offer cloud computing solutions , it also uses them along with other tech behemoths such as Amazon and Microsoft. This skill set comes with a respectable 112.000 salary and saw a bit more increase than the two previous entries in this list with 33% more job openings last month.


If you’re a programmer you might already know JIRA in its previous iteration as a bug tracking software. Since then though it has evolved out of just a tailor made tool for programmers and has now become a project-management application, used by over 35,000 companies world-wide. The growth rate for job openings is significant, too, at 37% and comes with the six figure salary of $111,000.

5. Big Data

big data

Okay, so if you’re a tech-head this shouldn’t come as a surprise: big data is big business. Companies use it to observe consumer behavior and develop effective marketing strategies amongst other things. Of course, big data is an all-inclusive term of mining large amounts of data for information that’s significant for your organization, not just customer information. It has seen a 43% increase in job openings and pays in the neighborhood of $121,000.

6. Salesforce

A rose by any other name, right? Salesforce is CRM software or a customer relations management application. It keeps track of customers, leads to potential customers and interactions they had with your CS team (customer service, I know you tech people love your abbreviations).  Since its introduction though it has growing list of augmentations and add-ons which need a person that is very familiar with the software to navigate and maintain it. With a 48% increase in job postings and $107,000 salary can you afford not to look into it?

7. Azure

Similar to Google’s cloud applications, Microsoft has also started tipping its toes in the cloud computing pool. Azure is Microsoft’s foray into the cloud computing game and its job postings are gang-buster with a 95% increase in jobs and a healthy salary of $110.000. And the future looks bright, not only because Microsoft is trying to push Azure for all cloud computing needs from mobile device security to app hosting, but it also seeks to become the best company in cloud computing overall. Being familiar with Azure is definitely a skill that should have a long healthy life-cycle.

8. Spark

If it’s any indication of its success, IBM has invested a whopping 300.000.000 dollars to assist development for spark, which is another Hadoop database query interface, but is much quicker than traditional data sifters. IBM has even gone as far (as if 300 mil. wasn’t far enough to convince us) as saying that Spark is “the most significant open-source project of the next decade”. Its creator has recently even introduced a commercial version of the software. The job openings have increased by an astounding 120% and pay a plump $113.000.

Is there a tech skill I might have left out? Let us know in the comment section below.