8 Tips For Those Who Are New To The Workforce

Are you a "fresher" in the office? Do you feel lost? Scared to ask questions? It can be difficult to get into the office culture when you begin a new job, and getting to know your collegues can be much harder than anticipated. Here are some tips for you to shine in your first job!

  1. Research your organization: If you haven’t already done so, do your research! Find out who your company/sector is targeting, the core aims and beliefs of the company, competitors, and its vision for the future.
  2. Ask lots of questions: Never be afraid to ask questions in the workplace. More often than not, other individuals will be thinking the same ones! But if you’re the one that asks, you’re the one whose name gets out there.
  3. Always go the extra mile: Get to work a little earlier, stay a little longer, and see how you can go that extra distance to make a difference. It will get you noticed.
  4. Take your lunch break: Make sure to use part of your lunch break to get away from your desk, get some fresh air and clear your head.
  5. Get to know your colleagues: It’s easy to sit at your desk and dive into your daily tasks. Simple questions are always best to begin with—where do they like to go on vacation? What are their hobbies? Where did they purchase that great pair of shoes they’re wearing? Ask questions to break the ice.
  6. Network: Make time to speak to other colleagues in your building and attend events where possible. You never know who you’ll meet!
  7. Get a mentor: At any point in your career, it’s vital to have a mentor. Reach out to men or women who are at a point in their careers at which you’d like to be in the future. Or, be brave and contact an individual you admire via email, Twitter, or even LinkedIn. Their words could make all the difference.
  8. Most importantly, be happy: Some days will be better than others, and you may even find yourself questioning if you have made the right decision. But if you know you are happy, then that’s what matters most.

Hope you found them useful!