8 Ways to Make Your Office Appeal to Millennial Workers

Modern Office


We regret to inform you that your employees aren’t enthusiastic about your office space.

Despite the tremendous technological advancements and societal changes that have unfolded in recent years, there is still a vast number of offices that haven’t upgraded or evolved the workplace since the 1990s or early 2000s. Whether it’s a fatiguing interior décor or outdated computer equipment, an office can have a difficult time maintaining employee morale or perhaps even retaining younger workers.

If the millennial staff members are airing their grievances regarding network slowness, complaining about IT ineptness or showing disinterest in the suite of office applications then it’s likely that your workforce feels both disenfranchised and unmotivated. A modernized, energetic and healthy office can translate into a happier staff and thus greater revenues.

Soon, millennials will dominate about two-thirds of the workforce. This means that businesses, whether they like it or not, will have to invest in the office landscape if they wish to attract the best and brightest from the millennial talent pool.

Here are 8 ways you can make your office more appealing to millennials:

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1. Flexible Work Options

The modern workforce is getting irked by the monotony of the generic Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. work routine. This has been the standard schedule for nearly a century so isn’t it about time to change that? Well, thanks to new technology and apps, businesses are incorporating telecommuting and flex work into their business models. Your company can do the same.  

2. Modernized Workstations

No longer are basic desks and chairs feasible in today’s offices. Instead, businesses are beginning to invest in standing workstations, healthy office chairs and suitable lighting options. Due to the ubiquity of health issues that have transpired over the years from unhealthy seating arrangements, companies are taking a positive approach to the health of their employees. 

3. Updated Computer Equipment & Software

Let’s face it: if you still have a bulky computer monitor and a tower that runs on a Microsoft XP operating system then your technology is very much outdated. Why not take a look at your corporate finances and determine if you can start investing in 2015 computer equipment and software that can enhance productivity and rev up the energy of staffers?

4. New Productivity Applications

You have done the necessary upgrades to the computers and software, but now you have chosen the wrong applications that are frustrating workers. Although it is a prudent step to update software, it’s also a wise move to seek the input from workers to find out their opinions, app acumen and approval or disapproval. Ultimately they’ll be the ones using these apps. 

5. Embracing New Technology & Social Media

In 2009, your company launched a Facebook business account and purchased a BlackBerry for each worker. However, a lot has happened in six years and now it’s time to start embracing social media and fully utilizing your social network accounts. Employee engagement and marketing on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are two facets that can reinvigorate the office and improve the brand. 

6. Interior Decor

The interior décor hasn’t been updated since the late 1980s, and it certainly shows. Indeed, it may seem trivial to worry about interior décor, but studies and experts have pontificated the importance of the right colors, lighting, furniture and other decorative elements to enhance the productivity of staffers. 

7. Leadership vs. Bossing

Millennials are expecting to be managed in a very different manner than their generational predecessors. Instead of being thrown into the water with the sharks, millennials want to be given regular feedback, felt like a part of the team and believe their work has meaning and value. In other words, millennials want some leadership as opposed to be given orders from dictators, er, bosses. 

8. Gamification at the Office

Lastly, gamification has quickly become an integral aspect for businesses. This unique concept, otherwise known as digital gaming, which has been incorporated by businesses like Teleflora and, can be used for a wide variety of corporate responsibilities, including sales, human resources and customer service. 

With greater competition in the overall marketplace, businesses will have to entice millennials to come and work for their brand as opposed to the competitors. Aside from high pay and generous benefits, companies will have to compete for labor with other perks and workplace standards, including the aforementioned measures. If not, your enterprise can be left with a despondent and burnt out workforce.

Do you work in an old fashioned and outdated office? Do you think that these measures are necessary? Your thoughts and comments below please...