8 Ways to Manage Your Employees (from the Opinions of Top CEOs)

Managing employees has become more difficult in today’s workplace. Your employees are from diverse environments, cultures and have different personalities, responsibilities and ambitions. As much as it is a difficult task, employers now consider it more of an art rather than a science. Catching up with several CEOs, we ask them how they manage their employees in today’s workplace.

Lead By Example

Many CEOs are beginning to see that their actions in the workplace matter a lot. And that they are being watched even by their employees.

"If you want your employees to be happy and give their best you have to show them how." - Thomas Ray Conrett, Bleed Blue Tattoo and Piercing.

Appreciate Your Employees

Always appreciate your employees for what they are putting in. As cliché as it sounds, “treat workers like you would want to be treated.” “This has served us well in 25 years in the aerospace interiors market.” - Mike Gueringer and Paul Reesnes, Custom Aircraft Cabinets, Inc.

“Thank your employees every day, appreciate them and they will always work hard for you.” ~ [advice from] my dad. - Valerie Bono, Maria Elena Bono Malloy, Eric Bresciani, Edwin Bresciani, Golden Cannoli Shells Co. Inc.

Be sure of who you are hiring

The person you are hiring must be responsible enough to be managed. You need good people in your company. Put in place a capable management team because you, the leader, cannot always do it all yourself. “A strong leader hires good people and then gets out of their way in order for the team to be successful.” - Tracy D. Solomon, TEVET, LLC

Let your employees know why they are there

“Make sure team members understand the Cause and Mission. If they embrace it, they will be stellar team members. If they don’t, get rid of them sooner than later!” - Ryan McFarland, Strider Sports International, Inc.

Be Just

When managing people be firm but fair. “A well-treated and respected employee is a happy employee.” - Ginna and John Baldiviez, House of Bread Anchorage

Putting the Customer First


Though not given to me personally, my favorite management advice is from Sam Walton: "There is only one boss. The customer. And they can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending their money somewhere else." - Bhupender "Bruce" Patel, Fusion Hospitality

Reach Out

“Never be afraid to ask for help. Jon and I reached out to the Colorado Springs Small Business Development Center when we were in the very beginning stages of our business. These classes helped us avoid pitfalls that many new businesses experience. Later, we began using SCORE to help with the challenges that accompany rapid growth. I have had a personal business coach for over 6 years, and in January we hired a business coach to help us with strategic planning and to work with our management team.” - Jan Erickson, Owner, Founder & President; Jon Thomas, Co-Founder & Vice President, Janska, LLC

Act Right

“One bad decision can break the company.” - Sandeep Sharma, Global Consulting International, Inc. (GCI) “Actions express priorities.” - Stephanie Novak Hau and Joseph Hau, Chesapeake Environmental Management, Inc. – and Ghandi (really).

How you as an employer use these tips goes a long way in building the strength of your business. If you have any other tips or expressions that others should follow, then let us know in the comments below!




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