8 Workplace Superheroes: Which One Are You?

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The business world is filled with all types of people and personality types. The day of the week, work load, and how much coffee was consumed that morning can determine your attitude for the day for many of us. But as a basic overview, what does your position at work say about who you are? For each superhero and each job title there is a specific skill set that determines who you are. There is a superhero in all of us, but which one are you?

CEO –Professor X

Professor Xgeektyrant

As a CEO, you run the show. You are the highest authority in your business model. You have responsibilities as a decision maker, leader and executor. It is your job to motivate, drive change, and ensure productivity. CEO’s tend to favor calculated risk taking and are better than most at reading people. Professor X is the founder of the X-Men and runs a private school for mutants. Professor X is great at reading people as well, although his skill is due to being a powerful telepath. Because of his strong and compassionate leadership skills he is considered a visionary and is highly respected and trusted.

Manager – Callisto


Those in management positions tend to be positive, transparent, flexible, and aren’t afraid of conflict. As a manager, it’s your job to implement the ideas behind your superiors and cultivate them in your subordinates. You need to promote team morale, structure, and efficiency. A good manager inspires their team to work harder and be better. Callisto is the leader of a subterranean mutant settlement. She isn’t afraid of conflict and regularly fights Storm in a stance for what she is passionate about. She possesses enhanced senses, strength, and speed. Just like you, she is a natural leader and stands with her subordinates no matter the cost.

Accountant – Daredevil


Accountants are responsible for the measurement of financial information that helps business decision makers allocate resources. As a group, accountants are meticulous, client focused, adaptable, and organized. You are extremely efficient and intelligent and have no problem offering up your expertise due to your opinion being highly trusted. Just like you, Daredevil is highly intelligent. He is organized and meticulous in nature in part due to his blindness. His four remaining senses are heightened and he has echolocation abilities. His capabilities are highly respected and he efficiently tackles any adversity that comes his way.

Researcher – Batman


Those in research are curious and information seeking. They are natural detectives and rely on instinct to get to the bottom of any problem. They crave knowledge and tend to be very good at solving puzzles and problem solving. If you work in research, people rely on you for data and answers. You stay behind the scenes and spend your time answering questions and being buried in data. Not always outwardly organized, there is a method to your madness. Just like you, Batman is a detective of sorts. With no actual superpowers he relies exclusively on his ability to solve puzzles to seek justice for those in trouble. He is intelligent, self-sufficient, and a philanthropist. He stays anonymous and uses his investigative skills for the good of humanity and not for any recognition.

Public Relations Officer – Iron Man

Iron Mancomicbookmovie

As someone in PR, you are in charge of sharing information with the public. This involves a great deal of planning and tact to communicate the appropriate things about your company to the public. You are all about strategy and exposure and know exactly how to portray information. Those in PR tend to be the most charismatic of the bunch with a fair amount of manipulation tactics at their disposal. Like you, Iron Man understands the need for positive public perception. Unlike a lot of masked superheroes, Iron Man does not remain anonymous. He commands attention and is highly intelligent and captivating. While not having any superhuman powers, he creates a suit of armour that, when worn, enables him to fly, gives him superhuman strength, and weaponry.

IT Technician– Cyborg


You are the tech geek of the business world. Every business needs you and would be technologically lost without you. You handle the computer systems and telecommunications equipment of a company. Those in IT tend to thrive in problem solving and technical acumen. There are several essential traits one must obtain in order to be successful in IT. You must always be learning, strive to be a jack of all trades, and work as a team. Just like you, Cyborg has a very high IQ and is highly in tune with technology and machines, due in part to his body being half mechanical parts, but also due to his high intelligence. He has superhuman strength, speed, and flight. He has an internal computer system and a variety of other tools and weapons. He is highly respected for his tenacity and aptitude.

Human Resources Officer– S.H.I.E.L.D

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.geek-news

If you are in HR, chances are you are very people savvy. Your job is to oversee personnel and performance. Those in HR tend to be hyper-organized, personable, helpful, and have the answers to everything. You love fixing problems, making strategies, and overseeing projects. Just like you, the S.H.I.E.L.D organization encapsulates the organization. S.H.I.E.L.D is an international intelligence agency that houses different agents. It was most notably created and run by Nick Fury and then Tony Stark. S.H.I.E.L.D is portrayed as a living entity and, like you, is very personable and helpful. Any questions needing answered are answered by S.H.I.E.L.D.

Staff – Robin


As a staff member you are a go-getter. You are passionate, excited, willing, and a sponge for information. Productivity starts at your level and is one of your responsibilities. Those in staff positions tend to do their best in a consistent and reward-based environment. Although sometimes in need of direction, you are on the front line of production and your company relies on your hard work and efficiency for profit. Just like you, Robin exceeds expectations. He doesn’t have any superhuman powers, but has trained martial arts capabilities. Although he is usually viewed as a sidekick to Batman, he was also a founding member of the Teen Titans. Robin represents strength, tenacity, hard work, and persistence. 

Our daily work routine can get tiresome and stressful. Putting out fires, dealing with interoffice politics, and fighting to stay ahead of the curve and stay topical and educated can be overwhelming for many of us no matter how many coffee breaks and paid vacations we take. Next time you are confronted with a task, channel your superhero alter ego.

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