8 Writing Jobs You Don't Know About


The creation of new jobs within technology and business created many career opportunities in writing. Apart from journalism and novel writing, there is a range of creative writing jobs that pay well and may not yet be aware of!

If you enjoy writing and would like to explore alternative career paths in writing, then you have come to the right place. This article lists over eight different career choices for you to choose from if you are looking to take your career to the next level.

So let’s go over the different writing jobs you probably didn’t know that existed and learn how to get started:

#1 Video Game Writer

Video game writers are responsible for writing up a game’s plot, the setting and the characters involved. They work closely with a team of designers and artists who create the graphics, design, the structure and the sequences of the game. While normally you would need an associate degree or higher, you can get into this career through networking at conferences and gaming events. You can also join TIGA if you are based in the UK or IGDA – in the US, to get updates on such events.

#2 Copywriter

Copywriters create taglines and web content to help a company advertise and market their products. They generally liaise with art directors in a creative environment such as in a marketing department, advertising or media agency. A great way to get discovered as a copywriter is to build a portfolio featuring your work to potential employers.

#3 Business Writer

Business writers also create content but for other purposes. Depending on the type of business writer you are, you may work for a business to write business reports, plans and proposals or a business writer who researches and write stories related to business and economics. While you may need a good degree in Journalism, Communications or Business, you should focus on creating showcasing your business writing style within your portfolio. 

#4 Speechwriter

Speechwriters are responsible for writing great speeches that have a certain appeal to target audiences. They are usually hired by politicians and CEOs and may work for a large company, public figures and governmental offices. For this writing job, it is preferable that you hold a degree in Communications or Public Relations and develop a broad understanding of politics, economics and the news.

#5 Technical Writer

Technical writers are responsible for creating handbooks, user guides and product manuals. Essentially, they help to communicate technical information about products and services in a way that’s understandable to the public. Technical writers can work in a variety of industries including automation, finance, manufacturing, quality assurance, IT, etc. Since there is a lot of research on unfamiliar topics involved you will need excellent analytical and research skills.

#6 Freelance Niche Writer

Freelance niche writers can choose a subject they are interested in and focus their writing on what they know the most about. Since this is freelance, as a professional writer you can explore freelance writing routes checking out online boards that may offer jobs that will help you build a strong portfolio.

#7 Ghostwriter

Ghostwriters do not write about ghosts, but are hired to do writing that is officially credited to another person, who is normally a great public figure. They might write books, articles, stories and reports for a celebrity, an executive, an important political figure or oven write song lyrics for popular musicians. In order to be a successful ghostwriter, you have to be familiar with confidentiality agreements and your own rights as a ghostwriter. Check out the Association of Ghost Writers to get more information about this job.

#8 Grant Writer

Grant writers are responsible for helping non-profit organisations or charitable agencies to find funding. Their duties usually include creating research proposals, completing and submitting grant applications. As a Grant Writer, you may work at universities, social service organisations or in healthcare. If you are interested in this job, you can start by volunteering at a non-profit organisation and offer to do grant work.

If you enjoy writing, one of these jobs may be your ideal career! Become familiar with what each job involves and choose the one that best suits your needs!