9 Cool Products to Pimp Your Office

One thing that we can learn from modern rappers and celebrity gangsters is that “pimpin’ ain’t easy”. Remember Xzibit? He needed a whole team of mechanics and stylists to pimp only one car. However, pimping your office is not the same as pimping your ride, or living space. When you introduce changes to your office, they need to motivate workers, inspire productivity and, at the same time, bring the entire style of your business to a higher level. In other words, you need to have class, but no distractions.

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We have all stumbled upon some of the coolest offices in the world, and these are without a doubt, places we would all enjoy working at. So, if you want to be a step closer to some of the most popular and successful companies in the world, here are some things you can put in your office. It goes without saying that if employees are happy where they are, they are also more productive, and we all know what it does to a company to have happy and productive employees.

1. Pool Table

friends pool table

Let’s start with the basics, it may not be on the top of the list, as far as originality is concerned, but a pool table will add a certain level of class to your workspace. Furthermore, it is a great thing for co-workers to bond during a break, over a game of pool, so it serves the purpose of team-building exercise at the same time. The only problem is that you will need a separate spacious room, for the pool table, but speaking from personal experience, having one in your office will bring nothing but joy.   

2. Gaming Console

Moving on to another classic example, a gaming console is a nice alternative to a pool table, in case the majority of your workforce are gamers. If you want your office to be popular, if you want your employees to love their job, and if you want a good team building device, you cannot go wrong with a gaming console. Believe it or not, there are benefits to playing video games at work, the most notable one being an increase in productivity. All you’ll need to make your office happier is a large tv screen to accompany the gaming console.

3. Take Out Roulette

Now for something both budget and space friendly. The correct name for this item is “What’s for lunch” and it is designed to help people who can’t decide what to eat. This can come in handy when you want to treat your employees, but they can’t decide on what to eat. So you let a spinning needle decide whether it is going to be pizza, Thai, Mexican, Burgers, or simply Coffee and Cigarettes (better luck next week). Just pick a wall, and have your “What’s for lunch” pinned there.   

4. Bullshit button

Will it offend your workers to reject their ideas using a bullshit button? Probably yes, but at least it will keep bad ideas at bay. It may also look immature, but some people just can’t take business meetings seriously, so they pitch an idea just for the sake of appearing engaged in the whole routine.

This button will force them to think hard before they present their ideas, and it’s also fun to use. In fact, an entire board of managers should have this button, so whenever someone tries to impress them, they can decide whether to press it or not, you know like in X Factor or The Voice.

5. Hoverboard

Since monks still haven’t figured out how to levitate, or they simply won’t tell us how, the hoverboard is the best way to mimic this ability. A hoverboard is an excellent idea for the boss and the senior staff to have. They won’t have to bother practicing the art of confident walking, which demonstrates their wisdom and confidence to inspire the rest of the employees. They can just glide around on their hovering boards. It will be fun (for the person on the hoverboard obviously, not for the mere mortals that’ll be watching) and it will inspire the staff to work harder in order to get one of their own at some point.

6. The Milk Desk

In case you were wondering how to impress the entire office, have every desk changed for one of these babies. They look amazing, the design is stylish, professional, and to top it all off these are incredibly convenient. The milk desk is designed to solve all your cable clutter problems, and make your workspace look like it is in its tip top condition.

Some models even have compartments for aquariums.  Who wouldn’t love to work in an office that has these desks? Furthermore, you can bet that any client will be impressed and take you for a serious professional, if your office has a bunch of milk desks scattered around the place. The only drawback is the price as they don’t come cheap, but they are really worth saving for.    

7. Treadmill desk

You know how one of the major complaints of office workers is that they hate sitting for so long. And it is true, this is not doing anyone any good, since it is harmful to both your health and looks. Introducing, the solution, also known as treadmill desk. All you need is one or two of these bad boys, to show your entire workforce how you care for their well-being. Nobody will be able to use work as an excuse for not working out anymore, they can have physical activity while working. Sure, it’s not as effective as a workout session, but it will keep the muscles active, blood running, and your workers feeling a bit better about themselves, knowing they did not spent an entire day sitting behind a desk.   

8. Clip on cup holder USB cup heater

mug warmer

In the event you are not up for buying expensive desks, you can go for desk accessories. Clip cup holders are not only there for the purpose of aesthetics, they also protect your equipment. One does not have to be clumsy in order to spill coffee over a keyboard or, even worse, a laptop. If you keep your coffee cup next to your computer, there is a good chance of disaster happening one day. You can’t really stop accidents from happening, can you?

Another great idea for your morning coffee is a USB cup heater. This plugs into a PC or laptop, and they keep your coffee warm, so that it doesn’t lose its charm as the minutes go by. It is a nice touch, and you can rest assured all of the coffee drinkers (which is usually everybody) in the office will appreciate it.

9. Solar USB charger

A cool device that will certainly come in handy when someone needs to charge their cell phone. And we all do at some point during the day. This cool idea needs to be placed next to a window where a lot of sunshine shines through. Much like its name suggests, it uses the sun as its source of power. The solar USB charger is both useful and discreet and it can be used in the office without any inconvenience to anyone.

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We spent as much (if not more) of our time in the office as we do at home, so it’s important to have things in our workplace that are both useful, fun and pretty to look at.

Do you use any of the products above? Does your office have any other cool devices? Let us know in the comment section below.