9 Signs You're the Office Rebel

You’ve always been the type of person to go against the grain. As far back as you can remember, you have always been the rebel. When you were five, you challenged your pushy parents and refused to eat anything green. You said no to broccoli, brussel sprouts, and the always bland taste of lettuce. When you were in middle school, you embraced the alternative look and didn’t want to wear the same basic clothes that every other kid wore. The outfits were probably not aesthetically pleasing but that was okay because you were going for out of the ordinary. It was a part of your rebellious charm. When you reached high school, you grew out of your alternative phase and turned your rebellious nature into fighting for causes. You were a part of every single group that fought for something, politically and socially.

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Now, you are an adult and you have taken your “fight” into the workplace. You carefully but ruthlessly ruffle the feathers of your peers and superiors. You bend the rules just enough to satisfy the rebel inside. You may not notice that you are the “difficult” employee but here are nine signs to know if you are the office rebel.

1. You Ask a Million and One Questions

As a rebel, you don’t have a filter or a reason to hold back. When you are given an assignment you don’t hesitate to ask questions regarding the assignment. You want to know the purpose of the assignment, why it is important, and how long you have to do it. And just for annoyance sake, you ask questions that you know you can’t get the answers to such as how much does everyone get paid, who is up for a promotion, and who is about to be fired? Asking questions at work is your way of expressing your freedom of speech and validating that your boss is an honest person. Only a true rebel would go up against “the man” and play the devil’s advocate.

2. You Don’t Follow the Dress Code

You draw inspiration from your middle school years and bend the dress code at work. You wear certain articles of clothing that edge up against the rules of what you can and can’t wear at the office. If shorts are not allowed, you wear pants that cut off right before the ankle. If you have to wear a tie, you break out the ties with the strangest color patterns. You’ve even tested the waters with bow ties, cravats, and ascot ties. You don’t push the boundaries too much because you don’t want to lose your job. But you definitely rattle the cage a little when you walk into the office wearing the shorts that are smidge too short or the shoes that are not really work appropriate. You love that you can shake up the office with just an article of clothing.

3. You’ve Been “Threatened” by the Boss

I would hope that no boss would verbally attack and threaten their employees. But you have had the boss warn you about misbehaving on multiple occasions. Your superior would say things like ‘you better not screw this up’ or ‘don’t make me regret giving this assignment.’ At the end of the day, you expect your boss to hurl a warning towards you on a daily basis because he knows that your rebellious nature might screw things up. Your boss knows that you are not the most concise, obedient person but he knows that you are good at your job. The hard worker in you sometimes trumps the rebel in you.

4. You Like Working Alone

Your co-workers are not as daring and bold as you, so you choose to work alone. They are the type of people that like to follow the rules and look for praise from their manager. You are not. You only seek gratification from yourself, which results in you being a bad team player. Working alone guarantees that you can do things your way and push the boundaries without others holding you back, therefore enabling you to be a rebel.

5. You Have a Hard Time Following Directions


Listening to people is not your strong suit. Following the directions of someone else is definitely not on your to do list either. When your boss tells you how to do something, you find a different way to perform the task. If your boss asks you to invite everyone to a charity event through the mail, you do the smarter alternative and invite everyone through social media. In your mind, your way is better so why not do it the more efficient way? You excuse your boss’ lack of judgment because he is too old to know what social media is. Most of the time, you get away with not following directions because you always get the job done.

6. You Work Hours Vary

You don’t confine yourself to the typical nine to five work hours. Sometimes you work late and sometimes you leave early. Sometimes you go into work early and sometimes you don’t show up to work at all. Sometimes you want to be productive and commit a great deal of your day to work. Other times you want to take a mental health day and take a mini vacation to someplace sunny. You utilize your sick days and vacation days to work at your own pace, as you like to live without time constraints and scheduled meetings. The rebel in you loves to be spontaneous, so you refuse to let a time clock control your life.

7. You Have a Side Hustle

Having a second job or another source of income is your way of controlling where your money comes from at all times. If your rebellious behavior ever catches up to you and you get fired for it, you don’t want to feel heartbroken about it. You want to walk away with no regrets, a sarcastic smirk, your dignity, and a middle finger to all of your co-workers because you are making money somewhere else. You don’t want to depend on one job for financial security. That makes you feel trapped and that is not something a rebel is interested in feeling.

8. You Seek to Overthrow the Boss and Change the Company Culture

It’s not that you don’t like your boss. He is actually an awesome guy. But you are a rebel and rebels seek to overthrow those in power. You know that you can run the company better than he can, so you are secretly waiting till you can have his job. Whether it is by proving that his system of organization is flawed or waiting until he gets a promotion, you are going to occupy that top position. When you get the position, you plan on enforcing tacky Tuesdays and dress as your favorite Disney character Thursdays. You plan on making the company a pet-friendly place so you can bring your cuddle buddy to work. You are going to turn everything upside down.

9. You Seek to Make Your Peers Uncomfortable

You are an avid bubblegum popper and loud talker. You curse more than normal and you talk about topics that people tend to avoid such as politics, race, or how itchy your rash is. If there is a way to offend people and make the air in the office uncomfortable, you know how to do it. You really enjoy the look on your colleagues’ faces when they are speechless.

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The role of office rebel is a big shoe to fill. You are the pinnacle of nonconformity and a leader, not a follower. You carve your own path at work and have chosen not to follow the direct orders of those above you. The life of the office rebel is a freeing one but you try not to get too out of control because you need your job. But you don’t want to let others know that. You will continue to bend and possibly even break the rules until the fight is no longer in you. You are forever a rebel at home and at work.

Do you recognize any of the signs? Do you consider yourself a rebel? Comment below and let us know..

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