9 Signs You Really Love Your Job

Most of us loathe our jobs and would gladly tell our boss we quit if we had another job to fall back on and if we weren’t consumed by the fear that we’d have to move back in with our parents because we wouldn’t be able to stay on top of rent payments. But there’s a select few who go against the norm, and actually love – eek! – their jobs.

Are you one of the workers who break the mould? Read on to find out!

1. You Can’t Wait for Monday Morning

Happy woman at work

While most people spend all of Sunday recovering from a rough hangover and despairing over the beginning of the impending new workweek, you find yourself totally psyched up about heading back into the office on Monday morning and greeting all your grumpy coworkers à la Singin’ in the Rain.

2. You Always Have Time to Accomplish Everything

By the end of the workday, all your colleagues have seemingly gone into a collective panic over missed deadlines, but you’re one of the very few (if not the only one) to be as calm as a millpond. You always manage to complete all your day’s tasks well before the workday is over, and even start with the next day’s tasks.

The truth is that the only thing you’re actively panicking about right now is that you only have one move left and 78 more strawberries to collect in Candy Crush Saga.

3. You Enjoy Attending Meetings

Your entire department has been called into a meeting regarding office supplies, and everyone’s moaning about what a waste of time it is and how they could be doing something else far more important. You, on the other hand, are glad to be there, even if it’s about something “trivial”. You like feeling included and enjoy bouncing ideas off people.

Okay, well, they don’t really bounce off them – they just fall to the floor with a figurative “thud”, but still.

4. You Never Stop Talking About Your Job

Whether you plan weddings for a living or help provide basic healthcare and education to underprivileged children in third-world countries, you take great pride in what you do and never miss an opportunity to talk about it.

On a date? Talk about work. At a family dinner? Talk about work. At a charity gala? Talk about work. Giving the eulogy at Aunt Muriel’s funeral? Talk about work.

5. You Hate It When You Can’t Go to Work

girl with snow

You’ve got the cold or your house has been buried in snow and can’t exit the door. Any (ab)normal person would rejoice at even the idea of missing work, but not you. You’re devastated.

You like staying active and feeling useful but, unfortunately, that’s not the case today.

6. You Hardly Ever Look at the Clock

While your colleagues, and maybe even boss, keep peeking at the clock as soon as they come into the office, counting down the hours, minutes and seconds to finish work for the day, you’re completely oblivious to the existence of such a time-telling device in the office. Really, you only ever look at the clock when you’ve got an important meeting with a client coming up and want to make sure you arrive at the board room five minutes earlier.

In fact, the only reason you know it’s time to go home for the day is because it’s suddenly dark outside.

7. You Don’t Just Do It for the Money

getting paid

Yes, your salary is important, and so are the perks that come with the job, but you’re more interested in the personal fulfillment and gratification that it has to offer. All the money in the world just wouldn’t make you happy; you simply need to feel that you’re doing something important and equally worthwhile with your life and career.

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8. You Enjoy Helping Colleagues

Do you have that one colleague who always comes to you about every little thing, asking you about specific procedures or a client’s number? You love it, don’t you? In fact, it makes you feel a little like Superman.

You take great pleasure in helping out colleagues in need, and it’s never about taking the credit. You simply enjoy helping your colleagues celebrate their every success.

9. You Recommend Your Company to Family and Friends

As soon as a job vacancy becomes available, you quickly message family and friends who would be interested in the position, because you feel that they have so much to offer the company and vice versa. Even if there aren’t any vacancies that suit their qualifications, you find yourself always recommending your company and its products and services to everyone you know.

Do you do any or all of these things? Let us know in the comments section below if you’re one of the lucky few who love their jobs!





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