A Break Room for Your Employees – Why This Could Be Your Best Investment

There is bound to be some truth in the old adage “All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy.”

Although a break room in an office does not necessitate day-long breaks in the office, it goes a long way in breaking the monotony of a regular work day.

Employers are getting more and more innovative these days in order to keep the workforce motivated. This includes not just employee perks but also the layout of offices.

For instance, Infosys has a bowling alley for its employees in one of its offices. Facebook offers a video game rooms for the workers where they can have a much-needed break after mind-straining work.  And yet another organization Box, introduces a new twist to its workplace by adding swings in its offices.

While some start-ups and organizations may not be able to afford all these for their employees, a relatively inexpensive and a more feasible option could be a break room for the employees.

The break room can serve all of the above purposes and even more. Here is how it can be of benefit to your employees:

Food and Beverages

In its simplest form, the break room could just have a coffee machine, a microwave and a fridge to ensure that employees can have a quick bite whenever they want. Some employers even equip the fridge with food. This offers convenience of snacks to employees within the workplace.

Lunch Room

Break room serves a quick get away to employees from their workstations. Many places prohibit eating at workstations. With break rooms in office, the employees cannot only gather in one place to eat their lunches, it also saves time than when employees go out to eat.

In fact, you would be surprised the amount of bonding, simple lunches in the break room can create, as opposed to eating out. For instance, your employees can create light snacks in the office to eat together instead of going out to grab a snack!


Early morning chitchats, tea breaks and lunches offer employees to socialize and inculcate a new level of trust and relationship amongst them. Break room is the place where employees can gather to discuss outings, plans, celebrate an event or narrate their personal happenings to each other.


A break room offers employees a place where they can rest for a bit during lunch hours. Sometimes an employee may require a quiet corner in the office to brainstorm while at other times they might need it to unwind and de-stress to recharge themselves for work.


A lot of organizations equip break rooms with exercise machines. Exercise equipment may include weightlifting machines, treadmills, bikes and stretching equipment. The break room could also have yoga mats where the employees could perform yoga and meditate. Just imagine. Wouldn’t it be a great fitness regime for your employees to improve their productivity at work?!


A break room could also have a bulletin board to announce important seminars, trainings, events and official announcements pertaining to sick leaves, vacations and holidays.

Thus, if used properly, the office break room can prove to be quite beneficial in bringing employees closer and boosting their morale, whilst bringing a feeling of togetherness in an environment designed to relax. Proving a viable option whereby a calculated move to maximize the use of space proficiently; can see break rooms proving a sound option to reap the community benefits while gaining a boost to team spirits.