A Butler’s Guide to Making a Difference

A butler’s duties are not always as obvious as many people think. In order to ensure guests have a perfect stay, butlers need to demonstrate an extraordinary eye for detail and great problem-solving skills. While several skills and qualities can be developed through extensive formal training, there are a few others that just can’t be taught.

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While formal training can teach butlers how to maintain effective working relationships and handle guest care procedures, for example, it can’t help them develop the natural instinct to react accordingly in different kinds of situations.

Some of the most out-of-the-ordinary requests butlers have dealt with in the past include:

  • Supplying a guest with 20 pounds of ice for his penguins
  • Creating a life-sized chocolate statue of themselves for their wedding
  • Finding a new ball gown within hours – a guest flying from Australia had his luggage lost while having to attend the £10,000-a-ticket Prince’s Trust ball.

The key to dealing with such demanding people is to actually listen to them, show genuine sympathy to their needs and problems, and make eye contact.

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Check out this infographic created by Fairmont Hotels & Resorts to find out what is so special about the role of a butler, what the common and uncommon tasks they deal with are, and secrets and tips for professional success from those working in the industry.