A Career in Sales, Where The Only Limits Are Ones You Set Yourself!

A great career in sales can offer impressive rewards and opportunities for progression that rival many other roles. If you love to talk, and can find common ground with almost anyone, you'll make a natural sales person. Most sales roles offer a basic rate and commission, which means you earn more every time you sell something. If you're good at it, you can make good money within relatively short periods of time compared to other jobs. Here are some tips to get you started and give you the edge as you start your career in sales.

  1. Get a job in telephone sales

    When you're starting off, you want an entry level role that will give you a good grounding in selling. It is easiest to get jobs that involve selling to the public; work in business to business roles is a little harder to come by and usually requires some experience. Make the most of your training, taking notes and asking questions so that when you begin, you can start making sales straight away!

  2. Know your product

    You won't convince anyone to buy if you don't know your product inside and out. Make a list of every single feature, benefit and advantage so you can wow your customer with information that is appealing and interesting.

  3. Appreciate that it is a numbers game

    No matter how good your sales patter, and how well you know your product, not every single potential customer is going to be inclined to buy. The best way to maximise the number of sales you make is to make as many calls as possible. Every call you make takes you closer to earning commission, and it is up to you to have the staying power needed to make as many calls as physically possible.

  4. Learn how to answer objections

    On every call in which you get the customer talking, they will voice potential reasons not to go ahead and buy. It is up to you to find ways to overcome these objections and close the sale. Keep a notebook beside you while you work, and write down what clients are saying. You can then take time to find ways to refute the objections, and turn them into ways to sell the product. For example, 'It's too expensive' can be turned into a chance to demonstrate what good value the product is and how much money it can save the customer.

  5. Learn how to deal with rejection

    If you take every rejection personally and allow it to dominate your day, you will never be successful at selling. Make rejections an opportunity to learn, improve and craft your technique. Seek feedback from your colleagues and help to generate a mutually supportive atmosphere. Dogged determination will be of great benefit to your career in the long run!

Working in sales is not for everyone, but it can be a great career that proves to be very lucrative. It is possible to start at the bottom with little or no experience. You can work in almost any industry, as everyone has something to sell and needs the right people for the job! After working in telephone sales, you can progress to field sales which can offer great opportunities for travel. With a career in sales, the only limits are the ones you set yourself!