A Few Great Tips From Richard Branson

He was a high school dropout and he knew nothing about business, but selling his own magazine. Yet, today, he is a business magnate, an investor and the founder of a huge group of companies. Meet Richard Branson and listen to a few but great tips on how to start your business tomorrow.

Richard Charles Nicholas Branson, or simply Richard Branson, is an English business magnate. He is well-known as the founder of the Virgin Group of companies which is comprises of an estimated 400 companies. He is even listed by Forbes in 2012 as the sixth richest person or citizen of Great Britain or UK, having a mind boggling net worth of US$4.6 billion.

Branson dropped out from high school and at the tender age of 16 he started his own magazine business called “Student”. In 1972, Virgin Records later known as Virgin Megastores, was opened by Branson. And this business grew rapidly and he began expanding the brand.

In the 1980s, the Virgin brand became famous and Branson then began to set up another company, the Virgin Atlantic which is a British airline. Later he expanded the brand with Virgin Records Company which is a music label.

A high school dropout with such little experience in business, it is indeed amazing how this man could be so successful. If you are inspired by Branson, then take a look at these great tips he shared to hopefully help you be successful in your business venture as well.

  • Do not do anything that does not make you happy. – According to Branson, when he started Virgin, he was not thinking of building or creating an empire. He simply wanted to do or create something that will make people happy and that he himself will enjoy, and that hopefully he will gain just enough to pay his bills.
  • Be unique; create something that will stand out. – Branson said that he always aimed to stand out from the crowd.  He desired to do or create something that is extraordinary, unique and yet wonderful.
  • Leadership coupled with listening. – Branson says that great managers or leaders do not have all the answers or all the bright and wise ideas that is why it is also important to give an ear to the people around you – you colleagues and employees. His view is that the best leaders and bosses are those who are quick at appreciating and praising good work, which in turn inspires and compels employees to contribute more great ideas and views.
  • Be open and be visible to your people. – According to Branson, founders or CEOs of companies do not shut off or hide themselves from the people who work with or under them. Bosses may be running their empire or multi-billionaire corporation but they need to be visible and keep an open line of communication to their employees. He said that is definitely important for any business manager or leader to interact with the people in their company.

Richard Branson is a successful businessman. He is a billionaire and yet his simple tips for starting a business are about being a person that is concerned with his employees and his clients.