A Fine Line Between Love and Unemployment

A few weeks ago I drove nearly four hours out of my hometown of Melbourne for an interview. Personally, I had the impression that it went rather well. He laughed, I laughed, I asked insightful questions related to the job position, and I left feeling great. However, I received that rather dreaded call back informing me I hadn’t been successful. Disappointed over yet another rejection, I got to thinking… Applying for a job is a lot like going through a relationship. With both, there are many stages one must successfully go through before they can gladly change their job/relationship status on facebook from single to in a relationship, and unemployed to ‘[insert name] now works for [insert company]’. However how many more rejections can our fragile hearts handle before we give up and go on welfare or sign up for online dating? So this got me thinking, I was able to break down the hunt for employment and love into four simple stages that I’m sure we can all relate too.

The First Move…

At first, you know you’re not the only one applying for the job, but you’re hopeful that the employers will see a certain quality in you that they think would be valuable for the vacant position. In the relationship world, I guess this is where the laws of attraction kick in. You both notice one another and one of you is bold enough to make the first move…congratulations you got their phone number.

The Waiting Game…

So it’s been a few weeks, you haven’t heard anything from the company, however you did receive a rather polite email informing you they received your application and will be in touch shortly. Referring again to the world of dating, I guess you and this other person have been lightly facebook messaging here and there, yet nothing too serious.

However just like applying for this job and dating alike, you are anxious, and a little tired of waiting for something more to happen. Yet, because we are a dignified sort of people, we continue with our daily life. For me, this simply means applying for more jobs and maybe cleaning Uncle Frank’s tank (my pet turtle).

The Next Step…

THEN…you get a call back, informing you that you’ve been shortlisted. In the relationship world I guess this is the next step from ‘just talking’, you’re finally going out on an official date. Obviously you are over the moon, however, (and I don’t mean to sound like a relationship pessimist) they’re still may be other people on their radar; just like there are still other competitive graduates on this companies radar also.

Yet, we are blinded by our own excitement, and logical thinking is metaphorically thrown out the window. We are swept away with the notion that pretty soon we could potentially be employed. In the dating world I guess this means you may soon have a significant other to bring along to family gatherings.

Life is good for a while, we’ve gone through the interview process, you finally feel as if your life serves a little purpose. If you are like me, you’ve already Google mapped the quickest route to getting their. At this point we are well aware we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves. Yet why not start mentally preparing your outfit for your first day on the job? Instead of thinking why would it be, we’re thinking, why can’t it be me?

In the world of love, you’ve been on a fair few dates, and you just have a feeling it’ll be ‘official’ quite soon. So you start facebook stalking him/her with your friends (boys, don’t lie, you know you do it too.), and if you’re a girl you’ve most likely already organized with your friends what restaurant it’ll be when they can finally meet him/her as the boyfriend/girlfriend.

Whether you’ve officially got the job, or officially dating, it’s never really official until you’ve put it on facebook.

The Breakup…

Then the harsh reality of life comes barging through the doors like an unwelcome drunk uncle at Christmas, and it just so happens your phone is ringing at the most inconvenient of times; and you are acutely aware of how potentially important this phone call can be… without over thinking, you quickly answer.

“Hello [insert name]”

Job: "Your application was great."

Date: "I think you’re a really cool person."

Job: "Unfortunately we have already filled the position."

Date: "I just don’t see this or ’us’ working."

Job: "However we wish you luck on your endeavor, please feel free to apply for future jobs with our company."

Date:"I hope you find someone really special, and maybe later on we can be friends."

So we call our friends, tell them to come over, cry a little, get angry a little, loose hope that we will ever find love again, or in my case, go on the payroll. And while we sit there, disappointed over yet another rejection, we plague our minds with the thought of, where did we go wrong? Job seekers and broken hearts alike.


While we may not all be as dramatic as Jessica Day...we still feel the disappointment of being rejected by yet another potential employer, or in the relationship world, a potential partner.

Yet not all hope is lost, at times like these cliché lines executed by those close to us are best to put to use. My parents like to reassure me that:

“Everything happens for a reason, and maybe this job just wasn’t for you.”

With those close to me, who suffer from broken hearts, I like to reassure them of the same thing.

And while we allow ‘time to heal all wounds’, we get up, wash of the stench of disappointment that attempts to take up residence within our minds every time we apply and fall through the successful line of job hunting. We continue our search, on

Positive energy may not be guaranteed in getting you your dream job, however it sure will help until you do.