A Guide for Busy Professionals - Turn Your Fast Food into Healthy Meals!

With longer hours expected of employees in a tough and competitive climate, it leaves less personal time for workers to focus on making healthy and nutritious meals to keep their energy levels up and waist lines trim. Coming into the office early to get a head start on the day and working overtime means that there is little time left to consider healthy meal options. And if you are a working parent, it is likely that your focus is on preparing a healthy meal for your children than worrying about your needs.

A study published by found that while the average working week is 41 hours, 32% of American employees are working at least 45 hours per week. In addition to this finding, research shows that American employees are also highly likely to work evenings and weekends. Again, an indication that longer working hours are becoming more accepted by workers and subsequently, meal plans suffer.  

With the festive season upon us and work Christmas parties booked, people tend to indulge even more in fatty foods. It is therefore important that you balance your indulgent foods with healthy and nutritious meals that will ensure your immune system is strong, your energy levels are up and your metabolism is functioning correctly. The last thing you want is to be ill over the festive period! Not only will you get behind on your work, but you will miss out on all the fun at the office Christmas party!

This infographic published on and commissioned by provides some great tips on how you can turn your fast food meals into healthy alternatives without adding extra time or hassle to your day. It is understandable that busy working professionals feel that they have little time to spend on doing healthy food shopping and so opt for a takeaway Chinese meal instead, and so this infographic is an exceptional guide that all busy working pros should take note of!

Some of the most notable tips include simply substituting the standard fast food option for something of equal ‘ease of preparation’ but which is far healthier, such as opting for a salad with your takeaway chicken meal as opposed to selecting the French fries option from the menu. Still want to indulge in your chicken wing Wednesday meal? Opt for skinless white-meat wings which are considerably healthier than the standard dark meat option.

Take a look at the infographic above from some great cooking and takeaway ordering tips to keep your health in check over the festive season!

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