A Guide to Creating a Wikipedia Page for Your Business

A Guide to Creating a Wikipedia Page for Your Business

So you’re thinking about creating a Wikipedia page for your business?

It can enhance your reputation; boost your SEO value, and bring some much needed social media exposure to your company. Wikipedia’s quality control guidelines make it difficult to have a page accepted for publication, though.

In this article, I will explain what you need to know before you embark on your journey to Wikipedia publication.


You Might Not Qualify

We may as well get it out of the way now: Most businesses don’t qualify for a page on Wikipedia. Wikipedia is not a dictionary and it’s not the business pages in your phone book. You need high-level media exposure outside of the local media to qualify for a Wikipedia page. If you don’t, the chances are you won’t qualify and a moderator will remove your page soon after it appears.

Start-ups and businesses without any real reputation shouldn’t waste their time attempting to upload a page. Yes, you might see rivals on there, but the chances are this is just because a moderator hasn’t gotten around to checking the page yet.


Neutral Point of View

Wikipedia pages are an encyclopaedia of your business. They aren’t your opportunity to market yourself. You can’t say anything positive or negative, unless backed up by reliable third-party sources.

This is where you have to be careful or a moderator will take your page down.

For example, you can tell people you won an award, as long as you can back it up with a link to a source. On the other hand, you can’t say you offer fantastic customer service. This is an opinion not a fact, and the only person supplying that opinion is you. If you won an award for good customer service, however, it would be acceptable to mention it.

It’s often why Wikipedia don’t like pages that are made by a company because its employees are biased.

The Control and Quality Aspect

Wikipedia is a public domain anyone can edit. Businesses have to monitor their pages on a daily basis to make sure nobody has edited the page to add damaging information. Wikipedia’s moderators can take a few days before they check through any edits and remove any potentially damaging information.

Anyone can edit your page, including a disgruntled customer or someone who’s being vindictive for no apparent reason.

You have to be prepared to check back to the page on a semi-regular basis to monitor any changes. Are you willing to invest this amount of time?

Formatting and Proper Sources

Wikipedia gains legitimacy from the fact it’s so stringent when it comes to its formatting guidelines. Visit the website and check out its help guides. They’re pages and pages long. Get something wrong and it can lead to your page being disabled. It’s partly to maintain standards and partly to discourage lazy additions.

Before you get started, spend time reading through these guidelines. You’ll waste your own time if you don’t because Wikipedia has a zero tolerance policy on this front. There’s a reason why its pages all look the same, regardless of the subject.

Think About It

Making a Wikipedia page is a life decision. You can’t decide to take it down when you don’t like a recent edit. If your business is affiliated with a scandal in the future, you will have to put up with having it on your Wikipedia page. Think about it before you begin making a Wikipedia page.

Yes, there are so many benefits from signing up and sending your business into a new level of publicity, but it comes with its disadvantages as well. Consider what it can do for your business and whether it’s the right decision for your organisation at this moment.


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