A Guide to Getting Through the Days Without Losing it When You’re Unemployed

Experiencing unemployment can be both emotionally and financially draining in your life. As of February 2015, the US unemployment rate fell to 5.5 percent. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that approximately 295,000 jobs were added to the US economy in February. Even with the current addition of new jobs, you may still be one of the individuals who are unemployed. This article will address steps you can take to get through your unemployment period without losing it.

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Join a Support Group

One of the most common problems when unemployed—especially for an extended period of time—is that you become depressed and unmotivated. Maybe you won’t get depressed right away. However, after endless job searching and not finding any viable work, you will find yourself on the brink of depression. That is quite normal for someone in your situation. Joining a support group for unemployed individuals can become a life saver for you during this trying time. You can join an online unemployment support group like the one offered through or a person-to-person group through It is important to thoroughly research the groups that you plan to join so that you know what will be discussed and whether or not it will be a good fit for you. Remember to surround yourself with people in your situation who are being proactive and trying to find employment. Jennifer Johnson’s story of being unemployed, searching for a job and finding encouragement through support groups was shared in a Washington Post article. Her story may bring you some encouragement.

Start a New Hobby

Obviously, you will be continually searching for new employment. However, another way to stay focused without losing it during your unemployment period is to start a new hobby. Keeping your mind occupied by working on a hobby project will stave off depression. Additionally, you can utilize this hobby work as a chance to set goals for the project and find fulfillment when they are achieved. Working on a hobby project will keep you occupied and away from being on the computer all day aimlessly scrolling through your social media newsfeeds or becoming a couch potato while watching TV. Who knows, if you get good enough at the hobby, you may even be able to turn it into a business opportunity. provides a listing of over 300 hobby ideas to check into for your new hobby.

Begin Doing Good Deeds

If you want to get through the days without losing it while unemployed, make a decision to enact positive change in your world and the environment around you. Pick one day each week where you decide to do a good deed for an unsuspecting friend. Remember that the point is to remain anonymous and not expect to be patted on the back. Try it for a few weeks and you’ll find yourself eagerly waiting for that special day during the week when you can make a difference in someone else’s life. This activity doesn’t have to cost any money and it will help keep the focus off of you and your problems. In turn, you will create positive energy throughout your environment and help someone in the process. It’s also another way to stay active in your professional mindset as you set goals for your good deeds, privately track what you’ve done and get the chance to connect with other people. If you need inspiration to find ideas for doing good deeds, check out this list of 50 Good Deeds from

Write an Experience Blog

You can share your experiences of unemployment through writing a daily or weekly blog. There are several benefits to this activity. The first benefit is that you will stay active each week by sharing your experiences and not feeling sorry for yourself. Writing a blog can become a form of self-therapy to help you get through this trying time. Additionally, you will stay active in your professional skills by setting goals, writing and proofreading as well as marketing your blog. This activity will give you something to look forward to and you will probably even encourage other people in the process. If you are sharing genuine experiences, providing useful advice and encouragement as well as offering share-worthy content, you may even be able to make some money through your blog. The more your readership base grows, the more interested big advertisers will become in advertising on your blog and earning you revenue. Google AdSense is a free resource you can utilize to place advertisements on your blog or website to begin to earn revenue as you continually publish new weekly content.

Become a Freelancer

A freelancer is someone who works on a contract basis for a client to complete specific work-related projects. Freelancers, also known as independent contractors, can work in a wide variety of fields or specialties. While you are unemployed, brainstorm and think about your current skillset and if you have any valuable skills to offer as a freelancer. For example, you can become a freelance writer, computer consultant, graphic design consultant etc. If you have skills that are in demand like content writing, IT advice or graphic design (to name a few) you can easily start a website through a free service like Weebly or Wix and begin your freelance business.

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You will make it through the situation of being unemployed. Keep your mind focused on completing the steps discussed in this article. If you’ve experienced such a situation or have been a friend to someone who has, we’d love to hear from you.




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