A Guide to Limiting Absenteeism at Work [Infographic]

Employees take time off work for various reasons; it could either be due to social responsibilities, personal problems, illness, or other health-related problems that might occur from time to time. Some people just need a mental health day or simply don’t feel like going to work – with quite a few using the funniest excuses to ensure that they get the day off.

What you probably didn’t know though is that their absence can cost their companies a fortune.

To be more specific, the cost of absenteeism to British businesses comes at the incredibly high price of £32 billion a year, while in Ireland it’s calculated at £818 pounds per employee. Considering that every business has other costs that need to covered, this is a huge loss in terms of generating profits.

This infographic by Softworks provides an insight into the impact of absenteeism on business development and suggests a few useful methods on how executives can eliminate this phenomenon for the benefit of their businesses.

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