A Guide to Network Science


For all jobseekers out there, it is important to become familiar with how networking really works. This is because connecting with key professionals with the prospect to find a job or even gain an insight into your chosen field is in fact the No. 1 factor of career success! Truth is: in order to be successful you need to retain your focus and curiosity, and make it your top priority to network with the best of the best! If you manage to learn from the best in the industry through networking, you are halfway to achieving your career goals.

But how can you effectively network with other people? Despite the fact that it may sound like a difficult task to do, in reality, networking is a very easy and simple process. This article can help you examine the significance of networking in terms of career development, and it provides useful insight into the field of network science.

To start with, in order to understand how networking works, we need to compare the two approaches to networking which refer to being in an open or closed network:

Closed Network

This is a small, closed network where you are only connected to people who already know each other. This suggests that if you are only networking with people you are familiar with, you are repeatedly hearing the same ideas that only reinforce what you already know without having the option to explore alternative perspectives.

However, if you are following the closed network approach, it may be easier for you to get things done. This is possible since smaller groups that share the same ideals are more likely to agree on something, and participants have already built up a certain level of trust.

Open Network

This is a large, open network where you are the link between people from different backgrounds. The open network is defined by the concept that the more you network with people from diverse clusters, the more you are exposed to new ideas and to increasing your chances of moving forward.

If you follow the open network approach, you are more likely to be more successful in the future as you are connected with people who are able to think ahead of themselves and generate opportunities that will help them take their career to the next level, whether this refers to getting a job or a promotion.

Although operating in an open network is more difficult in terms of fitting in and building relationships from scratch, it is an excellent way to investigate the world as well as how other people think and behave within groups. This will help you understand how you can help them and how to get help from them!

Curiosity: Essential to Networking

As you can see, retaining an ‘open to learning’ approach and curiosity is a necessity to networking. If you are curious about and in love with what you do, you will manage to gain unique insights into your field and develop the right skills just by connecting with other people and building on your own experiences. In the end, the right dose of curiosity will help you cultivate your passion and prepare you accordingly to face potential setbacks along the way.

So, why is it important to network with other people? The answer lies in creating new opportunities and exploring new learning experiences! Explore your career potential and network your way to the top!

What are your thoughts on networking with a purpose? Let us know in the comment section below!




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